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  1. Hey, just a quick post with pics of my newest fledged babies. These are pet types I will sell. I will take some pics of the others in the nests tomorrow in good light.
  2. Hey, I haven't abandoned my journal... I've been down in NSW visiting my folks. We just got back last night, I was so glad to see all the feeders and drinkers went to plan we had tested them before we went, but there is always the worry, so I had doubles of everything, and now everyone has soooo much food and water. LOL. My six show babies have doubled in size. It looks like I have at least three sky blue like Mummy. The other three are too young to tell. My three new pet types are expanding alarmingly too. I will ring them them tomorrow. I think I may have two dom pied light greens like
  3. Honestly, I think it comes down ultimately to the individual's personality. We just had two clutches, born at the same time. We took them all out for a period of time after they were about a week old and handled them. Same as we did with Red. The foster babies are all so outgoing and love to be with us, in particular Lucky, I don't know why he is so attached to me, he flies around the house on little burst, but will always seek to land on me, I didn't intend to have a special pet, but there is no way i could give Lucky away now. The other two from other parents are far more skittish and f
  4. By The Way I have a special boy from the foster baby clutch. He has wormed his way into my heart and Im afraid he now has a home here for life as my little friend. He is the baby in my signature, Lucky, and has grown into a gorgeous huge grey cockbird and is the absolute spitting image of his Dad, Johnathon, who died. He goes crazy at the door of his cage until I take him out and he just loves to just be with me and groom me. I am enchanted! Even if he isn't a breeding bird, he has to stay, I love him so much. Red is turning into an obstreperous teen. He is getting snippy at anything and e
  5. I love watching budgie antics. I spend waaaay too much time watching my babies get up to mischief. Even my daughter, who is supposed to be my partner in this, gets sick of me talking about who got up to what :) If sugar is ripping up paper I would think she is ready to nest. The girls get frantic and chew anything to bits when they are ready. Make sure she has access to cuttlebone and grit. Very important for egg production. When she is in season she will chomp a whole cuttlebone in a matter of hours or days. If here cere is going very brown then let her go with spice. They will sort it.
  6. Keep looking. My daughter and I did build one cabinet. It cost us about $60 for the materials, but it was a beautiful project to do together. I couldn't believe my luck when I picked up all 9 of them. You can buy the cage fronts at a a produce store for $20 or so. So if Dad is handy and can access some wood, it may be worth pursuing. I just found some dimensions and plans on this site and went for it. Nest boxes are pretty cheap at under $10 each. Good luck, and By The Way my knowledge is very very tiny compared to what you will glean from here and if you join a club. We only joined about
  7. I totally agree!! I have a 12 year old daughter too and I am super paranoid about internet safety!! I am 41 year old lady with a 14year old son and 12 year old daughter in Brisbane. If your parents want to check me out I will pm you my facebook. I just last night had this very SAME conversation with my daughter so I totally agree with your parents.
  8. I'm going for the two yellow as girls.... but I'm not that experienced!
  9. Point taken Squeak, but as they are in the house i closely monitor them. Dad was with them all day and he wasn't feeding them despite them crying at him. They'd do it to him for a while and then just settle down to eat next to him. I figured he knows what they are up to. They are also having egg and biscuit mush every morning in the baby cage which is gone by evening. They all look well and lively, so I think I got it right this time. Taylor, I wish you were closer as I could give you some spare cabinets! I picked up 9 cabinets from a guy in our club who was retiring, he would only sell t
  10. Little ratbaggy budgie cadets! I love it. Hup two three four, beaks attenshun! LOL. The cardboard got very scruffy by the time I needed to move them away from Mum. I just chucked it out. I think an icecream container might be a bit big?? They do like to be all enclosed and squish themselves up together for comfort. They aren't in them for that long. I had to take the four big foster babies out as they were really overdoing it begging for food from Mum. All four of them are huge showbirds and she is a tiny little pet type. She'd come out of the nesting box and just get mugged by pleading mo
  11. Billie (hen) and Lucky (cock), two of the grey babies in the picture just got nuts until I take them out of the baby cage. They run up and down madly at the door and as soon as I lift it up the fly out to me and land on whatever they can catch hold of on me.... face, glasses, chest, hair.... it's quite an onslaught since they are not very good at aiming or landing yet! But they are so lovely and just adore being fussed over. Lucky treats me like an airport, he goes for little test flights and comes back to land on me and check in. He's a lovely little soul, and soooo like his Dad Johnathon, ve
  12. LOL!! An air raid shelter is a little box or hidey hole for babies who have jumped out of the nest but are still hanging around on the floor of the cabinet and being fed a bit and watched over by Dad and Mum. Some of mine have an upturned big yoghurt tub with an arch doorway I have cut into one side, some of the others have a tiny cardboard box I cut a door way into. It's basically for them to cuddle up together into at night or for security since they have only just come out of the shelter of their nest box. Most babies love to still hide somewhere and when feeling brave will venture out
  13. Renee, that is amazing!!! I have 11 babies and 14 adults and feel frazzled keeping up with who is doing what and with whom!!!!! I need a bex and a good lie down reading your journal. I am so envious in a "I'm glad that's not me' kind of way :) Way to go. I wish I had a whole lot more time, but as a working single parent to two energetic teens I'm full on as it is. Plus, I'm only back to breeding budgies after 20 years, and never show birds before at that, so I'm pretty chuffed with my sweet little babies. I hope as I get my hand in to aspire to the kind of set up you have.
  14. Thank you, they love it too! I saw a very very basic one up at the local pet store and they wanted $60 for it.... so I decided I build a better one I am going to build another from the left overs for my little niece who is going to take two of the babies. I also built my flight aviary a big swing with a piece of gum tree branch and some jute twine, they must be the only birds with a macrame knotted swing, and I built them a rope and wood bridge thing. I can't see how they can charge $30 plus each for bird toys. It just takes a bit of ingenuity.
  15. Hello, sorry I haven't updated for a while. I got a nasty headcold and have been struggling just to keep up with life and work. But I'm back on deck so the world better look out. Well all the babies so far have fledged. This is a picture of all of them on the new playgym I built for them. They are so friendly, I love everyone of them! I am trying to decide which one or two to bench at my club meeting coming up. So any recommendations???? The three new babies are doing famously. I think I might have some cinnamons. Any ideas on what they might be are gladly welcomed. They all look