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  1. Didn't go to the auction but went to the young bird show on Sunday. I was told from one of the fellas there that there was some good birds reasonably priced, still to much for me. I think the club made just over $4000 so it was a good day for them.
  2. cheers thanks Its fully feathered just a few tail feathers look like they need to form properly. Dad is still feeding will keep a close eye on it and see how things pan out.
  3. Hi all Just a couple quick questions. We have our first ever baby budgie and the kids want to make it a house bird and tame it. The bird was breed in a cabinet and has just found its way out of the nest box. First question do I let the baby go just walking round on the bottom of the cage or should i help it back into the nest box? Parents are still feeding it. Next question when do I take it out the cabinet and put it in its own cage? I've been handling it everyday and it is quite use to me but I don't want to have to feed it. Do I wait til its flying and see it eating on its own? Thanks for any help and info cheers scooter
  4. they are some nice looking birds. If you ever do a cull lol.
  5. Thanks Not colony breeding got turned off that idea a little while back. cheers
  6. Nice. Good luck with the eggs keep us informed.
  7. Cool will have closer look at them tomorrow thanks
  8. Just wondering if there is an easy way to tell cock from hen? Haven't got any pictures of mine at the moment but if anyone has any examples would be good. One of my birds has taken a liking to the nest box but wont let the other anywhere near it. Might be normal behavior not sure??? Thought i might have had two hens will get pictures when i get a chance. cheers
  9. hey Mark thanks for that. Only new to budgies and didnt want to get in to deep but i wouldnt mind hand raring a couple birds for pets inside. Where do i start. Heat pads feeding spoons ?????? cheers Scott

  10. Feel free to ask me anything you want about hand raising birds :) I'm more then happy to try and answer any Questions. Mark :)))

  11. Welcome to the site mark. Will be interested 2 pick your head on some h/r tips and ideas cheers
  12. nice i have a pair of greens myself now missus loves them
  13. thanks people site is great
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