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  1. I have a pair who are eating their eggs. I suspect the cock bird but can't confirm it's him. Eggs are laid in the nest box and later I will find them chucked outside with big munch holes in them. I have tried replacing the egg with cool mints. Next egg laid was still eaten. Today I made an clear egg filled with chilli and cayenne pepper, which I found, by evening, chucked out side the nest and eaten (I hope it gave them indigestion!) The hen is due to lay tomorrow and I plan to remove the egg if I can. Any advice? Should I remove the cock? At least that would confirm it's him if the problem stops. Or persist with removing eggs and replacing with chilli clear eggs/cool mints? The pair have multiple calcium sources and a good eaters of thier veges/egg food so I don't think it's anything nutritional. Thanks guys!
  2. Got the cock bird I was after and 4 splits . If anyone is selling fallows I'd appreciate a pm. Ta, Grali
  3. Hi Trefto, Sounds good. I managed to get the fallow cock I was after, and 4 splits today I feels good to know I'll have at least 1 fellow pair rather than just looking at breeding splits next year. Let me know if you hear of any available. Thanks... I'll pm you an email.
  4. Hi Trefto, Did you get the fallows you were after? I'm after some currently, so if you have info on who may have some, or have some to sell please let me know. Thanks, Grali
  5. Hi all, I was hoping someone had some fallows or even fallow splits they were willing to sell. I had my only fallow cock die in the breeding cage and are left with only fallow or split hens. I would be interested in 5-6 fallows, (hens too) if you have them. I live in Melbourne. Thanks, Grali.
  6. Thanks Kaz. It grows back in a few weeks even if I chop it back to a half metre from the aviary. It's overdue again for another chop back currently. I's a bit of a monster. Plus there's really no way that I can stop it coming through the fence and then the wire on the rear of the aviary from where it's grown into the neighbours.. So I'm currently thinking the plant has to go ASAP. I just hope the neighbour wont be upset when his green fence cover all dies off..... He'll hopefully be happy as he does have to cut it back where it's climbing onto his roof....After looking at it, I tend to agree with my Mum that it's a solanus jasminoides (potato vine). I can't find it on budgie toxic lists (though I do recall having seen solanus somewhere on a bird toxic list) but it's listed generally as having toxic berries (not that I recall seeing it with said berries on it) The banana plants next to the aviary, when they get going, might be able to send suckers up through the aviary paved floor, but I think banana leaves are safe. There's a Feijoa on the other side which will grow big and a big bottle brush shading the aviary. I've got bottle brush branches inside, that have now dried, that the birds were having a great time playing in</div><div><br></div><div>IMG]http://i921.photobuc...wi/IMG_0551.jpg[/img]</div><div><br></div><div></div>
  7. Actually, my Mum tells me it's a potato vine not a jasmine. I can't find it listed as toxic to budgies, but again my Mum tells me potato vine is poisonous generally..... so still not sure what to do. A branch has regriwn over the aviary so I'll just trim it back for now...... Any ideas about this plants bird safety?
  8. We just managed to build an aviary in the back of the garden and all was looking good, till I realised there was a large jasmine along the fence next to it. DOH! Does anyone have experience whether budgies will touch/eat it? How toxic is it? Yes, I know it's on the toxic lists for budgies. Luckily it's growing from my garden, not the neighbours, so I can cut it out if I need to. The trunk is 4m from the closet aviary wall (nothing for a jasmine). Do you think it can be managed with pruning, or would it be best gone? I was thinking if it has to go, I'd put a bougainvillea in. Alternately a bougainvillea by the avairy may fight off the jasmine and win the war for that space. I've checked the toxic lists, and a boug seems okay, but if anyone knows better, I'd appreciate your words of wisdom. Thanks!
  9. I think you're right Moglet and Neville and thanks for the input. I'm happy to have Vulcan (his colors are lovely and he seems happy) but I'd hate to breed a clutch of budgies with foot problems so he's definately not for breeding consideration.
  10. Here's pics of my new budgies. Valkyrie - Green Cin wing Vulcan (centre)- Green dom pied. He's got a wonky foot and really has only one good foot for perching so he often doesn't sit up straight... He seems happy otherwise and I was told that his feet used to be fine and he had an accident... (not sure if I believe this) I've cut his claws and he seems to grip a bit better. Do people think that this is going to cause problems for him? Is it likely to be a genetic thing or just one of those things. His toes seem to go a bit twisted but his feet aren't red or otherwise looking scabby/sore. He's able to flex his feet well. I loved his colours anyway... Poseidon - vulcans brother. Cobalt dom pied.
  11. Hi, I'm someone who bred pet budgies as a kid and am keen to get back into the hobby. I wanted to get a good pair and maybe look at breeding/possibly showing a way down the track. It's a lot to learn moving from pet budgies to 'posh birds,' but whilst I do this, I'd love to have a bird or two settling in. I have a flight cage set up currently and have plans for an aviary. I actually have my heart set on getting at least 1 pied budgie and maybe having a go with these. I'm in Bayside Melbourne but would be happy to travel a bit if someone has something wonderful out there:D I'm going to go to the local club when they meet to see what's available there. If anyone has something nice they're willing to sell (without me having to part with a kidney) I'd love to hear from you. Thanks, Grali
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