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  1. That must be tough Matt after investing time and effort into a recessive variety (not to mention quality birds that could have been used elsewhere) Good luck with the results you get at the Auction. Cheers, James
  2. Did anyone hear how this went?? How were the prices?? Cheers, James
  3. Hi Jeff, You were close re Lot 17 mate - I got her for a steel at $200. She may not have had the impact of the others, esp. Lot 102 but used correctly I think she will do the job!! Thanks for the comments guys - I will make sure that it gets back to the Club and Henry - ultimately he is our customer and we analyse the results of each and every auction we do for him to try and improve on the previous one. We are working on some improvements for next years that should make it an exceptional experience for everyone!! Cheers, James Dandenong Club
  4. Thanks Jeff, I have copied your comments to them and emailed them your post. Its always nice to get positive feedback when you run an event like that. I thought it went pretty smoothly without any major hiccups. Did you have any feedback re the auction either positve or negative - we obviously want to run a better event next time and we can only do that with feedback. Best Regards, James Dandenong Member
  5. Hi GB, Top price was $1700 for a GGrn Cock Bird - 2010 2nd TOp was $1600 for a 2009 Spangle Cinn Violet Hen - sister was 3rd in Rocky. Plenty around the $200 - $400. Thought the quality was good. Got a DF Spangle hen and a good GGrn Cock so reasonably happy. Two 2007 Cocks cracked $1000 - one to NSW the other to QLD. There were a few birds purchased for Vic - many buying 10 plus. You kept many honest Jeffl - good buying!! James
  6. HG Today. There are some very nice birds in the mix. Good hens as well. They are nearly all in good feather so exhibiting what they are. Only 1 GG Cock looks like he is doing it a little tough!! THere are some really good 2010 birds there. James
  7. Thanks Splat. Henry has obviously kept the hens for the reason that they are producers of quality. Many of the hens are very feminine and as such they obviously breed well. Like anything, every auction is a risk. You never know what any bird is going to breed - or IF it is going to breed when you get it to your environment with your feeding regime and your management style. I have broken down the catalogue for extra clarity for everyone to give you all an idea of what is in the auction in the various age groups. There are pictures of the birds in this catalogue so you can have a lo
  8. Hi Everyone, Find a link to the Henry George Auction Cover, T's & C's and Catalogue. Its on the 16th July and is being run by the Dandenong Club. http://www.bcv.asn.au/Auction.htm Cheers, James
  9. Inbreeding has always been misunderstood by many fanciers in birds and in other forms of livestock. Inbreeding brings both the GOOD and the BAD to the surface - i.e. the points you want to fix and the points you want to eliminate. It is all about selection and HARD selection. You need to also select for the traits that are not visible - meaning for vigour, fertility, egg production, longevity etc. There was a breeder in South Africa many years ago who put a lot of focus on inbreeding because he could no longer import stock from the UK - Dr Alfred Robertson. If you look up very early
  10. Hi Everyone, My name is James from South East Melbourne. There is a great way to use box metal - not steel, but aluminium. There are joiners as well available. You can get them at Bunnings but they are cheaper at an aluminium supplier that sell direct to the public. I havent posted pics on a forum before but if anyone is interested let me know and I can email some pictures of my internal cages that are on wheels made from Aluminium and plastic joiners. Works fantastically well. Cheers, James