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  1. I live in LA i have a 4 month old male blue budgie for sale, if interested let me know i can send you some pictures
  2. i was reading about the uses of spirulina with birds, when hand feeding, or also mixed in with the soft food being fed to the parent birds, my question is can it also be given to the birds with their water? has anyone used this "spirulina" before thanks
  3. thank you guys for all the information
  4. Ive also been told i can give it some ACV(apple cider vinegar) with mother, on its water and that should help in reducing the size of the fat deposit, she seems okay, jumping back and forth and making good progress, and yes its difficult to find a vet, where i took my bird they claim to be "exotic" pet specialists
  5. The only way to know is by pairing it to a blue hen right? how can i tell the difference between type I or II
  6. in the case that it does have splayed legs, it happened with 2 of my babies last time and well after research i found this website that helped me fix the problem, hope it works for you also http://fallowgirl.blogspot.com/2011/10/splayed-legs-make-up-sponge-method.html
  7. today i went to the vet again because i dont see any improvements and know i was told its a fatty deposit, but wasn't told if its dangerous or what i can give my hen to reduce it, does any one have any knowledge of what a fatty deposit is? ( this is the last time i go to that vet, they suck!! first im told one thing then another)
  8. thank you, in person i can also see blue in his feathers, is that the effect of the olive mutation?
  9. what mutation is my new bird? sorry i dont know why the pictures went sideways
  10. One of my female show type budgies has a lump that is really soft by the vent area i don't think she is egg bound, shes had this for about a week now, she laid an egg yesterday it was really small and had a thin shell, a week ago she just finished raising her clutch of babies, in the past i had seen her like this while incubating the eggs and then after it would go away, is this normal for a hen to have after raising/incubating eggs? the skin looks yellow and it was bigger a few days ago and now has gone down a bit in size their is no purple or swelling around the vent nor the skin around the lump thanks for the help I took her to vet and was told it was swelling due to egg laying and incubating
  11. LOL i get the white ones because they look more elegant to me, and this is the outcome LOL!! stains after a few weeks, i replaced most of the trays with blacks, blues, and purples now, way easier than scrubbing so many old ones
  12. yea its made of plastic, i was just wondering if id be possible to bring that white back LOL
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