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  1. My budgies dont seem to like millet spray.....its been hanging up for over a day and they haven't touched it

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    2. bartbudgie


      it worked!!! a small piece on top of their seed did the trick! they were both eating it like crazy yesterday....thankfully....gonna try some rockmelon this afternoon

    3. maesie
    4. Teyet


      I thought it was a common thing as none of my 7 budgies will touch millet spray

  2. How much do budgies like lettuce???

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    2. maesie


      Agree... and the reason behind it is because lettuce is a water based veggie, and contains very little nutrients, so it's better to feed them something with value.

    3. Catherine


      Bok choy and silver beet have better nutritional value than lettuce. Budgies love them.


    4. Elly


      Bartbudgie, budgies like lettuce a lot but it is NOT good for them and can give them watery stools, try spinach or kale this is a better altenative.


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