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  1. And this male. What type of yellowface? And one more question-he's cobalt but he's got violet wings-why?
  2. He's 2 years old now so he is after many molts I'm from Poland so he's got polish name-Kajtek. Thank you for your replies.
  3. What do you think? I'm a little bit confused because he hasn't changed it's color after the first moult.
  4. That's not my bird but I ask the owner about mutations of this budgie and he said that this is yellow face double factor spangle. He is one of the breeders in Poland who knows the budgies mutations the best.
  5. Hi, a breeder from Poland had a df spangle with strong body color: This is DF spangle, right?
  6. I don't know what mutaions are their parents And I'm sure that he is male. I used flash so the colour of his cere looks different than in daylight. And the behavior suggest me that he is HE. I will breed him with dilute hen in September so if he's a FBC greywing spangle that chicks would be greywing and clearwing. If not that means he isn't greywing or FBC greywing spangle. Other pictures of him:
  7. No, he is male. I'm sure. His wing markings are definitely brighter than normal spangle so that is weird...
  8. Hi, I have a question in connection with my male. He is moulting now. He is a GF (1f) greywing spangle (1f) dom. pied (1f) but I'm not sure is he also FBC greywing. Is he? Before first moult (left budgie): Now:
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