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  1. The new one is older, still a baby though. It's in quarantine, don't have any ivermectin but have given her a small dose of poultry wormer and mite spray. It's a totally healthier happier bird. She didn't charge me for it, but made sure to tell me that she wouldn't be willing to exchange a bird again because it wasn't her fault. I've looked on gum tree a few times but can't ever find anything local to me (armidale NSW). Here's the close ups of her after she died.
  2. I took her little body back to the pet shop today. The woman who owns it claims that under shot beaks cause no issues. So furious! She didn't want to do anything to help me because they only have a '7 day returns policy'. Told me it was most likely night fright. She wouldn't even let me keep her body to take home and bury. I got offered a new baby, who seems healthy but I will quarantine for longer this time around. This shop is now on my black list. Our local one is great so will go there. I would love to buy from breeders but can't ever find any.
  3. She died last night. I didn't think she would need another feed so I went to sleep and lost her. My fault
  4. I picked this little baby up last week from a pet shop, but I seriously think she's not weaned. Found her today nearly dead in the avairy and when I picked her up all I could feel was her breast bone. She won't eat seed and it looks like her beak isn't right? The bottom half comes up over the top half. I made a mash as best I could from the cockatiel pellets I've got and she's been eating the juices from that and has really perked up. How young could she be? She doesn't seem to fly really yet, and does the baby begging for food head and the bobbing when she eats from my spoon. Is her beak going to be a life long issue? Terrible picture, will try to get a better one tomorrow. I am just really worried about her. She's just asked for another feed 2 hours after her last one.
  5. I picked this young one up from the pet shop (total score!) and realised yesterday that she (?) has red eyes. The guy said he's pretty sure she's a girl. Also what mutation is the yellow/green girl and is she more likely to throw green?
  6. This is my Daisy, she's a border collie X My soulmate
  7. I picked this guy up at a pet shop a few weeks back, couldn't go past him! Sorry, for the bad picture. He's pure yellow with white cheeks, no black at all.
  8. I use the same Lucerne hay that I use in my hen house, under the grate.
  9. Can I add 1 hen to a cage of 4 cocks? Or will that be like it would be with chickens? (WW3)
  10. I just bought a cage like that for my birds off eBay Aust. One of my birds was sold to me as an English budgie, same price as the others though. He was called that because his head is all big and fluffy.
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