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  1. Hello again Hobbles have worked soooo well and I have 5 babies that are very cute and mischevous (: Unfortunately one died because the mother gave up on feeding all 6 babies by herself as the dad flew away. being the youngest baby he couldn't really look after himself and as I was at school I couldn't feed him every two hours ): But other than those two incidences everything worked out for the best thanks for the help and advice everyone!
  2. He is now 6 weeks old-still very young Now a week after the attack he is eating well, drinking having a nibble at grass and vegetables from the garden He must be better because he trys to escape from the box and has been succesful many times! One eye is closed and most likely won't open and the head wounds are healing slowly, his wing has healed but sensitive and his toe is very bruised but okay POOR LITTLE THING... ):
  3. Hi my baby budgie of 5 weeks has been attacked by a 'friendly' adult female his head is completly red from blood and it goes down to his eyes-eyes are safe but i really need some advice as to how I might save him... I've put him in a shoebox as there are only two cages and I am NOT going to put the sex craved budgie back with the others-he must stay isolated I also cleaned the wounds with salty warm water and betadine (antiseptic) what else can i do????
  4. Lost two budgies as the cage broke caught one in a tree but the other is gone... ):

    1. Jabberwocky92


      Aw man, i'm sorry for your loss!

    2. Maddy
    3. Luce


      Thanks (:

      was the dad of six babies....

  5. Mum and dad have been eating regular seed (stuff from woolies/coles) plus shell grit-fussy eaters but they've eaten parsley, lettuce, tomotoes, strawberries all kinds of grass so fairly healthy-hopefully small grit in seed plus calcium in shell grit has helped the babies through-room has open curtains during the day so they get the sun in the morning-bedding was originally just bran but they weren't getting much traction-so here's a little tip I use-put two regular household sponges on the floor of the box-pour a small amount (half a cup) of bran in, half a cup of porridge oats combined with seed. they are improving two eldest and one younger one Anything else I should fix????? *calcium was provided to parents 2-3 before they started breeding* sorry 2-3 weeks beforehand
  6. From my lutino female and blue male I have 6 babies in the nestingbox, mum is first time and has got the idea of sitting on eggs/babies and feeding them but nearly all of them 4-5 have splayed legs!!!!! I've hobbled two with cosmetic pads and both are increasingly improving but I tried this method with the 4th and his legs went blue so I took them off- but I need some assurance or advice as to what I need to do in order for the majority to live past 3 weeks 3rd-2 weeks 4th-8/9days 5th-6 days 6th-5days These are the urgent ones have one other hobbled and has really worked (: WHY have almost all of them got splayed legs- I need to know to stop this from happening again...
  7. Successfully hobbled two budgies yesterday and its actually working (:

    1. **KAZ**


      takes longer than a day to know if its working

    2. Luce


      At least they've started walking on the legs and not resting on their bellies-unfortunately have discovered that another two need hobbling ):

  8. AHHHHH I hate having to deal with splayed legs its so fidly!!

  9. Have 4 little babies now-so adorable (:

    1. *Nerwen*


      you will have to get s picture for us

  10. Quick question when do I separate babies from dad? last year's clutch had a weird turn the dad became 'attracted' to the daughter but no fighting DO NOT need that happening again (:
  11. hehehehehehe.... Ray is such a cool name (:
  12. I know! All of them came from the pet shop but joey was the only one from a breeder-he's a handsome grey bird! Love them sooo much cuz they're so sweet and funny! *the green on molly's beak is from the parsley!*
  13. They are sooo cute Peach will be a gr8 mum!

  14. I have two little budgies now! Both born in the night!

  15. I seem to have a similar problem to you, one of my budgies that I bred sleeps upside down on th ceiling and is in love with her dad.... She's an odd one-just like her dad (:
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