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  1. pebbles pebbles pebbles , she is moulting at the moment so i have to take her out of my room ... :(

    1. Jabberwocky92


      Oh gosh! Our birds in the aviary our moulting at the moment, now just waiting for Dalek to start. Any tips for a first time moulter parent?

    2. Hezz


      Keep the broom or vacuum cleaner handy!!! And a spray bottle!!:)

    3. Jabberwocky92


      Yep, got all that. xD He's already started to put white fluffy feathers everywhere. Having to clean my desk every night. ANd my bed when he's been out. LOL

  2. When i first got pebbles i was training her then school started (year 7) and i got a bit slack and stopped training her. Then just randomly i this morning i put my hand in the cage made sure she was in a position where she could not fly away and she perched on my hand and like i have not trained her in a month so i think i should start training her again so i might need some good procedures to teach the bird to hop on my hand when i put my hand in the cage straight away ( i trained her this before but i think she does ot trust my hand very much any more )
  3. great photos i like the fathers colours
  4. i would not worry jabberwocky my two favourite budgies do that but pebbles he one in my room she is growing out of biting shes probably about 7 months old i think its a budgie thing you know. on a side note your picture thats on the side when you post is that of matt smith who plays doctor who cause it looks a lot like him?
  5. Is there going to be some more picture updates soon? i love seeing all the little birdies
  6. the chewer is male he has a full blue cere no purple pink or brown so its definitely male
  7. I definitely cant get another cage but your idea moglet is good a few weeks ago we had like 5 toilet rolls in the cage and the budgie chewed them up in like 2 days hes a heavy chewer and there is nothing to stop him. Amy i have never heard of stop pluck but i will make my parents look around for it from the day we got the bird he was a heavy chewer i could never tame him he would just keep on chewing on my fingers. (the budgie does not have a name so i have nick named him chewy or chewer or something like that in general
  8. amanda


    i'm a fashion shopper, pet person and scrap-booking shopper and also i luv shoes but groceries is the worst part of shopping
  9. thanks hezz but we tried that this morning and the budgie strted attacking the other budgie so we have just left the budgie and love bird together there is nothing we can do about it
  10. so the bird with blood all over its beak was the one who killed gloria?
  11. well we have a budgie with a love bird at home we have had them for 2 years and 3 months now and just recently the budgie has started plucking all the loves birds feathers around the eyes and the neck it looks horrible i also have a budgie in a blue cage(a lot smaller) should we let a bird go or rearrange the cages the budgie plucking the love bird is a male
  12. amanda


    great size aviary hope you get it
  13. amanda

    I'm Sorry Lilly.

    well you would not consider her as another lily just a new budgie no one will ever replace Lily but you could always have another friend
  14. They are soooo cute you think of weird but wonderful names for all of them potato is pretty cool cant wait to see them all grown up
  15. I am really sorry to hear about the loss of Lily

  16. amanda

    I'm Sorry Lilly.

    sorry to hear that she died i remember posting on one of your status posts that your were going to take her to the vet. maybe you could get a replacement ?
  17. maybe night fright? Without seeing a picture this is going to be hard to get right if it was my call i would say she was damaged from the crows you rescued her from but i am not the budgie expert so just probably take notice of all the other comments that have been posted
  18. I have never ever heard of a budgie heat pad i know you can get them for frogs but for budgies i think thats weird but know that i have heard of it they probably do exist
  19. Not good that Dizzy died but i agree with you that its good he was not sold to someone younger that could have lost a friend!
  20. Its a hen how is it male?
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