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  1. Hi everyone I am just trying to figure out how to breed a violet from parents without the factor.One of the breeders I know told me that if I was to breed a double dark factor green normal with a blue cobalt I would get violets and i just wanted to check whether this was true.
  2. okay Do you think its Double factor or yellow face, I didnt think you could get yellow and blue in a dom pied sorry i just realised i also have posted it in the wrong thread.
  3. hi could someone please tell me what mutation this is originally i thought it was a yf type 2 recessive but has since started to develop iris rings, any help would be appreciated
  4. hi everyone i have two babies i have bred and want to handraise i was just wondering how often you feed them, what type of place do you put, such as something that replicates their nesting box or a cage. when should u stop hand feeding them thanks
  5. first chick hatched today yay

    1. amanda


      cool ! i bet your happy :)

  6. I found my first ever eggs today yay

    1. Maddy


      Congrats :D

    2. Taboo


      Very exciting news,, all the best.

  7. hi will budgies breed in a breeding cabinet if it is in the aviary i have put some breeding cabinets in my aviary and birds are flying around and disrupting the birds inside the cabinet coudl this disrupt there breeding. ****KAZ edited ...............Cabinet is spelt CABINET
  8. yes so would all the children be normal blues or greens?
  9. would the children of a yellow face spangle hen and a green normal be fifty fifty or would they all be greens
  10. ">is she to old to breed she has a red ring but i read that a bird with a dark brown cere woudnt breed
  11. it is a yellow face blue with yellow all through her wings the black markings are very faint
  12. would the children of a green opaline cock and yellow face opaline hen be only green or would there be some yellow faces there as well
  13. can budgies have milk thistle and is it good for them and what vitamins does it provide
  14. hi just out of curiosity if you crossed a dom pied with a recesive pied would the result be fifity fifty or would one be dominant if anyone has any picture to show would be great
  15. hi i was wondering if you get the mite that causes scaly face in an aviary how do you fully erase the mite from the aviary
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