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  1. Exactly what I was going to suggest. My budgies are in a suspended that is hanging on the side of the shed. It is very easy to keep clean and away from my dogs as well.
  2. Yes I have been checking Gumtree daily. I think I need a dose of patience.
  3. Unfortunately I didn't win the aviary so now I am looking at other sizes. There is another listed that is about 2.3 m long and 800 mm wide with a height of 1.8 m. Is the width too narrow for about half a dozen birds?
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  5. He is gorgeous and your dog is excellent! Mine would have swallowed him before he got to the floor!
  6. Thanks for that everyone and it certainly makes it a little cheaper. And someone is already bidding on my aviary! I think I will need to investigate that sniper software.
  7. Hi everyone I have my eye on an aviary on Ebay which is local and have talked to my handyman about putting down a concrete slab. The price is right and he said he would put 5 coats of sealant on it to make it easy to clean. I am unsure about the sealant as I am wondering if it will be toxic to the birds - he says it won't be. Anyone got any advice or experience with the sealant? Thanks.
  8. Thanks everyone. These budgie colours are hard! :laughter:
  9. I was given a cuple of budgies by my nephew. I was always taken by his white ones so chose one of those and her "mate". Is this a black eyed white female? Of course once I tried to get photos they all flew all over the aviary and I coudln't get any of her back but she is white all over with no markings. The male is a clearwing and I think his colour is pied - have I got this right?
  10. Hi everyone I have been lurking for a couple of months now and thought I should join up. I have a pair of budgies that I was given by my nephew and they have no bed and I have 2 budgies that are 5 weeks old and off the nest. I have taken some photos today so will post them to see if I have their colours right. I have had a few budgies over the years and hope to keep having them for quite a few more. This is a great forum and I have learnt so much, especially from the FAQ area.
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