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  1. Can I use a mandarine tree branch?
  2. Hi there, We have one budgie who is a year old now and adorable. He has been around other budgies and enjoys their company and we are lucky enough that it hasnt affected our bond. So we are looking for a young male budgie, probably the standard green or blue to buy. We dont mind having him shipped to us. We are at Coffs Harbour although we dont have a car so not easy to get around. We just want someone with healthy birds and the new family member is guaranteed a great home. If anyone knows of a good breeder around Coffs Harbour area I would love to hear Kylie ETA: I just 'found' the breeders register thread after i posted this so Ill have a look there
  3. Hi there, can anyone help with my little runner guys colour. I know hes a YF type 2, but he has no other markings. His body colour is a lovely greyish/blue and he is only 8 weeks old now
  4. Heres some pics of our new baby boy Chuckie The first one is him at 7 weeks of age and the second one taken today is him at 8 weeks. Hes a runner budgie, but such a little sweetie and hes beginning to bond now. He is finger tame and steps up no problems. His colour has no barring at all but he is a double factor and maybe a dilute? Im not the best at telling mutations. Photos are a bit blurry due to bad indoor light but second picture is very accurate
  5. Hi guys, my little one loves my company but i cant touch her yet. Each day, I open her cage door to give her a chance to come out and get to know the place. Today, she flew over to the kitchen bench and hopped on my arm, she stayed there for a while and my hubby got this picture. She comes out and goes back to the cage on her own and we are making progress with her day by day.
  6. Thanks, I have posted in the budgie sexing thread, and discovered my baby is female. So its still Bobbi (change the spelling). Theres a picture there of her 4 months ago:)
  7. Thanks for the replies. Since my post I have been reading alot around here and had a pretty good idea it was female. She is bonding slowly with me and is happy and playful. She is a gorgeous little bird and I wouldnt change a thing. I have learnt alot about budgies in just a few weeks and they are fascinating birds for sure.
  8. Im really not certain. Bobby is about 2 months old i think in this picture. His? blue patch is now white with tiny specks of blue, and his face is yellow
  9. Hi everyone, I have a young male budgie Bobby, who is about 6 months old. He is a sky blue spangle YF2 ( i think) I have had him for about 4 months. For some reason, I had trouble with wanting to bond with him at first. I have had every kind of pet my whole life and usually eager to interact straight away. But it had been a long time since I had a pet. Anyway, the past month or so, he has become very playful and confident which is wonderful. I recently got him a bigger cage and natural branches for perches and he is a happy bird for sure. He has no problem with my hand being in the cage now and even stays on the perch while i move it. He is beginning to nibble at my fingers as he knows my hands are not enemy. This is a wonderful thing as Im sure it is a sign of bonding. So the next step is to basic finger tame him. Im sure this site will help us become even better friends.
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