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  1. It's all too hard.. I need a panadol.
  2. Neville, what is a bird is both violet and mauve? Is that equally as hard to tell from violet and grey?
  3. What colour are the tail feathers? Dark blue or black?
  4. What makes Possum Violet Grey and not Mauve? I would have thought Mauve? Just trying to learn the difference.
  5. Sorry I don't have much constructive to add other than Elle is just gorgeous.. want!!
  6. Aww, just a little picture, I don't want to impose on your thread. And yes, awesome forums those ones, I've been on there for a couple weeks now. Here's my little cottage.
  7. I did this two months ago, I moved from Melbourne to rural Victoria (Charlton), and I love it. My house is 115 years old, full of character and history, and we are not allowed to make changes to the front of the house or cut down a tree in the front yard as it was the first ornamental tree planted in Charlton. You are going to love it Kaz, and your new house is gorgeous and FULL of character, charm and history. Like you, I also moved a mammoth amount of stuff 3.5 hours away, lots of back and forth drives was exhausting, and it took two weeks to fully move. Go for it girl! Best of luck for a nice smooth move. Matt
  8. Put them all in together. Bonds are broken as fast as a male budgie winking at the girl budgies. Bonds are something pet breeders get tied up in knots over and show breeders know doesnt amount to much of anything at all Excellent, will do Kaz thanks for that. Makes life a little easier.
  9. Hey Jimmy, I was thinking about keeping the Hens and Cocks separate, though not sure if this is good or bad. I guess I didn't want to have to worry about bonds forming and having to break them?
  10. I just cheated Splat and logged onto homestyler.com (sorry if I can't post links, someone can edit it out), and they have a rather clunky floor plan online tool for houses you can use. I then just took a screen capture and edited text in via photoshop. Cheers Matt
  11. Sweet, thanks for that splat. Heaps of useful info indeed, and I will keep those external flights fairly enclosed, but open enough to allow for some decent ventilation without being drafty or cold. I think height wise they will be around 6' 5" as the main shed is near enough that height also. Lots of work ahead, but the basis is there. Thanks for the tips Splat. Cheers Matt
  12. Hey Splat. Thanks for the reply. I see what you mean about the side flights, it would definitely be better to have them run the length of the sides, I'll do that. Not sure where to incorporate an indoor flight though, I could run it along the length of the back wall as one flight 3 x 10, but like you said, I may want the extra space for more breeding cages. (Which I probably will once I get settled into the fancy.) I guess with the outside flights, if I have the roof of the flights totally covered, as well as the rear wall and a strip a few feet high along the sides and front I can house my birds outside and bring them in the bird room for breeding. I can just make the outdoor flights covered enough for bad weather so the birds can stay out of the rain/wind/drafts?? Based on that, here is an alternative design. Do people prefer this to the above one?
  13. Hi Guys. I am starting to build my birdroom, and I need some feedback. I have to start from humble beginnings, there is a shed 10' x 7' already in place, though I need to clean/modify etc. Attached below is a floor plan. The interior will be insulated with either polystyrene or polyester batts and finished with hardboard and painted in non toxic washable eggshell paint. There's plenty of shady trees around the bird room, and it gets direct morning and midday sun, and partial afternoon sun. I have a couple of questions I need feedback on. Firstly design, does it look okay? The internal flights are 3' x 5' and about 6' 5" tall. The window when opened would allow access to the external flight. Should I keep these that tall, or should I divide them into 4 half height flights? Allowing the top two flights access to the external flights? So there would be 4 flights 3' x 5' x 3' 2.5" tall? Feedback would be great. I plan on having 12 breeding cages, is that location okay? I could have the flights running each side of the birdroom instead and put the breeding cages in the middle of the back wall? That would mean relocating the front door to the middle of the birdroom which would be a pain in the butt. Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated.
  14. Congrats Dean, well done on your wins. I don't breed or show yet, I'm still setting up, but your post gives me butterflies. Good going and thanks for posting the pics. Matt
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