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  1. Well done on the rescue It sounds like you're doing everything right so far...and this forum is a wealth of information, so you've come to the right place. Just a quick tip...you mentioned that you're new to birds...budgies hull their seed and leave the husks behind in the bowl...so be sure to offer fresh seed daily as it may appear that theres plenty left in the bowl when really its just husks. Or you can gently blow across the top of the bowl to remove the husks...but be warned! It goes EVERYWHERE so do it outside. Good luck, and once again well done on rescuing the little cuti
  2. Just a little something i didnt mention before...Budgies are very social flock birds...so we keep our tame birds in our living area...Charlie and Snowy's cage is in our loungeroom and their playgym is on our coffee table so that when we are home they are always included as part of our 'flock". Their cage is usually left open so they can hop onto the playgym or go back to their cage at will, and they often jump down off of the playgym and run accross the coffee table to us..if anyone has their feet up on the coffee table they will hop on, use our legs as a bridge and come running up onto our la
  3. it is possible to tame 2 baby budgies at the same time, but it will take longer, and in my opinion they wont be quite as tame as if they were obtained/trained individually. Our first baby budgie, Charlie, is increadibly tame and does a few tricks. He was bought as a birthday present for my sons 11th birthday, and they bonded almost instantly. He'd been handled quite a bit by the breeder before we bought him, so he wasnt quite as shy as a previously unhandled bird. A few months later we got another budgie, Snowy, for my daughter. Snowy was purchased from the same breeder and had been well han
  4. Today, after attempting to fly off of the top of his playgym, our fave boy Charlie (who is clipped) crash landed. My 11yo Thomas, who hand tamed and trained Charlie, picked him up to give him a cuddle and noticed a protruding lump on his lower breast area. On closer inspection there was a crusty, dry lump. It obviously wasnt a recent injury, but we werent sure what it was, but it looked nasty. Thomas instantly thought the worst and went into panic mode and began crying at the thought of possibly losing his precious pet and companion. We jumped in the car and raced to the breeder we get all ou
  5. We have 2 lovely little tame boys that are my kids pets. They have both been regularly handled and tamed since we got them as babies, and Tom's budgie Charley is a particularly lovely boy. He's always happy, loves being handled, and does a few tricks....just an alround lovely temperment, and lovely colour and markings too (the blue/green one in my picture). I'd love to use him for breeding but I'm afraid that he may become less tame if we put him into a breeding cabinet with an untame hen. Has anyone tried this? How did it work out? Did your tame budgie even know what to do? LOL Was he/she s
  6. Hi all I'm just looking for some different ideas to help our budgies, that are housed outside in a patio aviary, deal with our current high temperatures.... 39Cdeg today, and 43cdeg forecast for tomorrow. I've done all the obvious things... fresh water in a few different places/containers...misting them with cool water every hour or so...a wet blanket covering about 1/3 of the front of the aviary to provide a primitive form of evaporative cooling.... and i also suplied extra fruit and moist food this morning to increase their fluid intake. Any other tips?? thanks, Michelle
  7. i could sit here and watch the budgies play in the wet grass all day....

  8. Thanks Kaz, i also thought she appeared to be moulting but wasn't sure. They're both a little over 1 year old (what we were told). What sort of time frame are we looking at before she will again be in breeding condition? Or is it just a matter of "wait and see"? Cheers, Michelle
  9. Hi all, New to breeding (well, attempting to) and looking for some advice. These are the newest addtions to our little flock...they are a little over 1 year old, and seemed to be quite bonded from our observations at the place we bought them (a local home-based shop). They were in a cage with another 10-15 adult birds, and these two wouldnt leave each others sides...if 1 moved the other followed...lots of "kissing" and mutual head touching. Even my 11yo son noticed how close and clingy they seemed to be....so we have our fingers crossed. We also thought they were independantly quite p
  10. michellet


    Hi Ciana, and welcome I'm newish too...only been on here a few weeks, and have been absorbing as much information as possible....these people on this forum are GREAT! They are a wealth of information and support and truly love their birds. I owned budgies as a teen, loved them all and learned so much about bird care and basic genetics. It actually helped when i started biology later in high school... at least i knew about recessive and dominate genes! LOL Now as a parent, i'm rediscovering my love for budgies through my 11yo son.... we started with a hand tamed baby for his birthday ear
  11. Hi again Just curious..can anyone tell me what colour/s, variety our 2 boys are? Before his first moult Charlie was more bluish than green...and Snowy has a small patch of bluish/purple on his lower belly and lower back. Thanks
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