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  1. Wow, your sky blue cinnamon spangle hen is gorgeous! How did you manage to breed such a fluffy white DF spangle cock?
  2. Thanks for the replies **KAZ** & splat. I really appreciate the help! I will try the tea bag method since you both suggested it. I put the egg in a cup of water but I couldn't see anything moving. Does a fertile egg sink or float? Kind regards, Ellie.
  3. Hi anybody! My name is Ellie & I have joined this forum in search of help! My female budgie is sitting on two eggs & a chick in her nesting box. She appears to have a weepy eye. Her eye looks a bit red around the outside of the iris & the feathers around her eye are stuck together. I'm worried about her. :-( I don't want to take her a way from her chick & two eggs but I do want to help heal her irritated eye. Can someone please help my budgie & I? Thanks for reading! Ellie. P.S The chick that my budgie is sitting on hatched on the 2/11/10. She layed four eggs in total but one broke. After candling the remaining eggs I can see that one is fertilized & one is not. I would love to have another baby budgie but the remaining fertile egg hasn't hatched. Should I remove the eggs & attempt to open the fertile egg myself? I hate the idea of a little budgie being stuck in there, unable to hatch. Thanks again!
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