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  1. Ellie


    at last, someone who does as much/if not more colourful make-up than myself! looks awesome dude.
  2. sorry guys. i completely forgot to take those photo's & can't do it now as my boyfriend accidentally let butters out when he was entering the aviary! men -.- haha
  3. Flip! I'd be more than happy for you to use the photo's. The more people who see them, the better. If people know that what's being shown in the photo is wrong, then progress is being made. P.S: I'm going to like that Facebook page of yours. :-)
  4. i can't believe people just watched on as this bird just sat there in obvious distress! i wish there were more people like you. i don't know much about eclectus parrot's but so far what you've done so far is probably the best that anyone in your situation could've done. this is a budgie forum and seeing as though you recently joined, there was definitly no harm in posting on here but you may get some better responses from a forum that talks about a wider variety of domesticated birds. good luck! keep us posted. Ellie.
  5. wow, i completely forgot to reply to this! it's been a while since i've been on the forum. just thought i'd let everyone know that the chick grew up to be a healthy female budgie even after allowing the hen back into the nesting box with her.
  6. Ellie

    Leg Rings

    thanks for the help everyone. If my budgies breed, their chicks will have you to thank for having a special little ring on their leg. :-)
  7. Just a quick update! Tonight I found an ad on gumtree for three budgies. Guess whose budgies they are? (Yep, it's him. I can tell because the mobile number is the same). Here is a link to the ad: http://brisbane.gumt...QAdIdZ349922152 I was considering buying the remaining three, not that he deserves any money for them (just like Finnie said!) but I do need to consider my other budgies. I'm only really looking for one more budgie rather than three, otherwise my aviary will be too crowded. Anyway, I just thought I'd pop this on here in case anyone in Queensland/Brisbane feels
  8. So, I don't breed many budgies a year but I'd like to put leg rings on them just for my own benefit of knowing when they were born, etc. Where can I buy leg rings? Do I have to buy specific ones for a certain type of budgie ie. spangle/pied etc? I'd really appreciate the specifics! Also, at what age do the leg rings go onto the chicks legs? Thanks, Ellie.
  9. tell me about it! i mean, this little one would've been putting up with these health problems for some time now. i just don't understand how some people have no empathy whatsoever! i'm going to have give your idea's a go once fungus starts eatting more. they sound fantastic! thanks for your comment & foodie ideas K&M! i have no idea. personally, i wouldn't be able to ignore something like that growing on my budgie's face. this afternoon i greased up fungus' feet & legs with some olive oil. they're looking better already - not as flaky and white. ty fo
  10. Aw, thanks Kaz! I just told him the whole way home "Don't worry buddy, you're going to get better". I think I'll send these photos to the RSPCA because unfortunately, I may get done for trespassing & assault if I tried to handle it myself, haha.
  11. yeah, me too. i'll hit up the rspca tomorrow.
  12. she took the tiniest bit of the end of his beak as she was concerned about nipping the blood vessel. his beak is still quite long but the aim of the trim was so he would be able to eat more easily & preen himself. you should've seen him preen his feathers. he looked like a huge weight had been lifted from his wings :-) do you think I should report him?
  13. Last weekend, I found an ad on Gumtree for a free budgie. I jumped at the chance seeing as my boyfriend accidentally let out my last budgie, Butters. The ad stated that the owner wanted to rehome his budgie for free due to it having scaley face & he not being able to give it the care it needed. I thought "Well! Nothing, I shouldn't be able to handle!" and so, I texted the available number and picked up the budgie on Sunday (22/01/2012). I drove all the way from The Gap to Wynnum to pick him & and laughed at the fact that he probably wasn't free after using quite a bit of petrol to
  14. I guess I could try and take some photo's of his eyes. Butters isn't very tame but I'll do my best!
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys. :-x I'm so happy! ^-^ I have two males to four females now which is alot better than one male to five females! I don't think I'll ever get the hang of this genetics thing. I've been doing my research and feel none the wiser! *derp*