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  1. My bad for not being clear enough. My question was, what features on the cere do you look out for in order to sex a budgie? Still got another year before I am free from school but I was looking for a pair so I could attempt breeding bird for the first time.
  2. Oh gosh. I shall have to wait it out then I guess. Additional information, I'm not sure if this helps but I'll add it anyways. This particular budgie literally talks to itself all day long, screams out when it hears other birds outdoor (especially those noisy rainbow lorikeets) and when the TV is on. It also likes to gnaw/chew on things including my finger... What particular features do you guys look at in determining the sex of a budgerigar? I'm thinking of buying another baby to tame and keep company for this one but unsure how to sex young birds and definitely don't want to get two males.
  3. Yes I did use flash. Here are two pictures without flash. In my other thread, Elly said it was possibly a boy so I am quite confused at the moment.
  4. Cheer guys. I have never clipped my bird's wings and this is the first time so I'm not sure what is correct or not. This was performed by the man whom I bought the budgie from so I thought it was correct. I shall trim the other wing today. Elly, if you look at my other thread, people are saying she is a girl. I'm confused now. http://forums.budgie...=1
  5. Sorry KAZ. Edited. I've always thought the bigger the photos, the better. Anyways, hope someone can help now.
  6. Hi all, I bought this 'girl' (unsure about sex) a month ago and I was told she/he was 8 weeks old. From internet pictures, I would say yellow faced violet budgie. What do you guys think? Also, regarding 'show birds', what should I particularly look out for in the type of bird I have? With flash Without flash Cheers, John
  7. Hi all, After reading through the threads in this sexing sub-forum, I am now very confused with regards to sexing my budgie. I have always thought that regardless of age, the males had the blue cere whilst the females had the pink cere, howevever, after reading through a few threads, this seems not to be the case. I am especially confused about the white rings around the female's nostrils. Well enough talk, here is my 12 week old budgerigar. Hopefully somehow can shed some light on sexing these cute buggers. Thanks, John
  8. Cheers guys. @ Finie, yup, there are two bad quality pictures of my 'pet' budgerigars in the other thread. Really annoyed at my sister for killing the camera. She stupidly left it on the sand at the beach. No nice pictures atm, hope to get a new camera soon. I'll take a webcam picture of my yellow face violet buderigar soon anwyays so see what you guys think. Not great, but the best I can do for a while. ~John
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I am aware that budgerigars come from the Australian bush however this terminology is what is oftened used over the internet. My bad, show and pet budgies. Will remember that. I should look through the 'standard' subforum but will ask here anyway. So the larger ones are the show budgies? My 8 week old budgie is already larger than my current budgies. I am sure she is a baby because it was labelled 'baby budgies' and also the adults were gigantic compared to my ones at home. Also, reading through this forum, a black tip on their beak is an indication of a baby bird.
  10. Hi all, This would be the first bird forum I joined and looking forward to everyone's pictures and advice. By the looks of it, it is a friendly community and an Aussie based forum which is great to keep in contact or meet new people with similar interests. If anyone else is interested, I appear in other forums relating to planted tanks, shrimps and crayfishes under the names 'bugman2494' and 'netty_3164' A little about me ~ I'm 16 and I have kept quite a few cockatiels in the past and I recently received and bought budgies. Currently own two 'American' (one yellow face, one clearwing) and one baby yellow face violet 'English' budgerigar. Funny how the 'English' baby is already bigger than the adult American budgies. Much more fluffier and so cute. Anyways, thats my introduction. Looking forward to posting around. John
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