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  1. Finally a couple of shots of my birds - hope I got the photo sizing right this time Hot Stuff! Pretty Girl! Big Boy! Hot Stuff and Pretty Girl having a kiss! Guido...King of the hill!
  2. Thanks Kaz...just curious...will one male 'cosy up' with BOTh females at one time?
  3. This is my first time breeding budiges and I need some advice - I have an aviary with two females and two males and successfully introduced the breeding box only to find that the first egg laid was pecked to bits...there seemed to be some fighting 'inhouse' so I have removed one of the females and have moved her to a second large cage and am going to take out one of the males to try breeding these two as well. My dilemna....I am not sure WHICH of the males to remove? I THINK the male that is the other half of the mating pair is my green budgie but my other male is acting dominantly and is guarding the nest! The green male is the one that is feeding the female however...I read on here that females will mate with all the males if they want and that will sometimes cause some confusion amongst the males....what to do...please advise! Thanks!
  4. Teyet


    Oh so disappointed..imagine my chagrin after expressing my excitement - I got up today and went out to my birds and took a look in the box....one egg, pecked to bits!! I removed it from the box. Will they lay again? I also noticed one of the females hasbeen pecked around her ceres and looks tender, so am imagining there has been a couple of battles. I do have another cage that I can make ready and remove the breeding pair...not sure what to do here...help???
  5. Teyet


    Thanks guys...so much to read and learn !!
  6. i LOVE the grey -veryvery pretty reason for edit: fixed quote tags
  7. Teyet


    Hi there - have been thoroughly enjoying the site and forums and learning a LOT! Have been a budgie owner on and off over the past few years. My current 'family' is made up of two gorgeous girls and two males. They share their aviary with Guido the Platino Weero and they all get along famously. I just got my first egg, so am fairly excited to see what comes from here on in. Although I waited many months before introducing my males and doing lots of research before attempting to add the breeding box, I am overwhelmed at the information I am learning here...but am hugely grateful to have found you...its so exciting. I think I'll be a regular here on this journey of discovery. No pics but will post some soon. So...say hi if you want..sharing the love and light
  8. wow....just got my first ever egg today...hadn't realised soooo much could occur
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