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  1. Very sorry for the loss of Polly
  2. I had the same problem with my boy as a baby. I just made sure I never let him out when he was trying to get out- I would only let him out when he was calm. He cottoned on pretty quick.
  3. Cool Once they start, they dont stut up!
  4. Very cute and clever How old is Bogie?
  5. Here he is playing his fave game. He gets himself in a bit of a pickle at the start
  6. So cute. Love the picture on the curtain.
  7. Thanks all. He is so much fun! GB: he is moulting now- how long does a moult generally take? Seems like its been at least a month already...
  8. Hi all, I got Teddy from GB a little while back. He's the funniest little guy. He loves to play - his favourite game is throwing things off tables. He is now around 4 and a half months, and a bit of a terror! Ted has lots of noises down pat- and is starting to say his first words Here's the video, he was around 12 weeks here.
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