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  1. Since first reading this topic I actually did some breeding of my own, and have bred some spectacular combination pieds! If only I can upload the pictures to share.
  2. Hi there, I am after fallows, prefer blue series, but green series considered also. And cresteds, I'm On the Sunshine Coast, but will travell as far north as Bundaberg and south Gold Coast, cheers.
  3. Wow, bizarre!! So are we also saying that there are no such birds as double factor dominant pieds? I have a skye cock bird who is nearly white with one black eye and one with a white iris, and a pink cere, what would he be?
  4. Are the 2 pieds bred out of the same pair as the other chicks?
  5. That is one cute budgie! Now I want one like that LOL.
  6. I'm after the above..... The ultimate would be violet dom pied crested LOL but anything in these colours would be considered...... Sunshine coast.
  7. And his colour seems to be skye blue, double factor dominant pied (hence the eye differences) and the wing patterning might be spangle or dilute? Kaz will know for sure
  8. Hi Louise, the poo on the bum could be from excess feathers, but could be stress also. Did he have any when you first got him? From the vid he looks a little stressed, but it could be some sort of respiratory thing?
  9. Thanks to all who answered my question. Sorry KAZ but it was just a gift and i dont have any idea about the nestbox and the age of the birds. i did remove the nestbox right after i saw your reply. Thanks for the advice. By the way the green budgie on the 2nd photo has a light blue color under his/her cere. The color is not that visible. Is she still a she? Yes because it has white around the nostrils
  10. I didn't mean to offend anyone, sorry if I have. Just that a baby handreared is much more suitable as it thinks it is human, and yes you play god when pairing birds up, but they still have the company of thier own kind. IMO taking away mirrors etc is trying to force a bird to bond, a baby HR you would'nt have to do with because it would be all over you from the get go. I really don't think my comment was random at all! Anyway good luck.
  11. its not french moult and budgies DO moult more than one flight feather at a time..................I have many budgies that can attest to that. I have never had a parrot of any kind moult more flights than it can handle not to fly properly, could be more than one, but certainly not enough to stop flight, if this happened they would die in the wild, I doubt that domestic budgies would have evolved to drop all the flights (or enough to stop flight) in the relative short time of domestication? Maybe i'm wrong? but maybe other underlying problems cause this to occur?
  12. Your talking about the blue pied that resembles a rec pied right? Maybe it's a combination recessive and dominant pied? Or DF dominant pied?
  13. Parrots never moult more than one flight at a time, if they did they would not be able to fly and would soon become extinct LOL. Looks like FM to me (from what reaserch and pics i've seen)
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