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  1. I know it has been almost a year, but I thought I would let you know Charlie is still with us! He is tiny (very tiny) and hasn't got many feathers now, but is happy, and full of energy ( between sleeps). He plays lots and eats well, so although he is clearly unwell is a happy little chap. Harry doesn't seem to show any symptoms, and is also well (and about twice the size of Charlie). After a course of antibiotics and some decent rest in his own cage Charlie moved back in with Harry and they live happily together, snuggling up at night. Charlie still hold his own when he decides he wants something and has managed to become very skilled at climbing around the cage and up the ladder if he falls off the perch occasionally. We decided not to go for a jacket - far to stressfull to think about dressing him each day, so a gentle warm lamp will do him as the weather gets colder again here. Lizzy
  2. Oh I like the idea of a fleecy Jerkin.. I think I could manage that.. at the moment he has enough feathers and they seem to be growing in one place and comming out in others, so overall he has a covering, and the good news is we are heading for Spring here, so it will get warmer. Here's hoping he stays reasonably happy, feathery and chirpy for a bit!
  3. Hi Thanks so much, he is actually looking and sounding a lot better at the moment. I think his antibiotics helped and being in a seperate cage means he can eat and sleep as often as he wants without being pestered (and loved) by Harry. He is singing again and chatting to Harry which is a good sign in the short term. Any ideas on a little jacket would be great as I have no idea where you would start with that or how you would even get it on him!
  4. I thought i would just update you on what we have found out. It is very sad news.. We took Charlie and Harry to the avian vet. Charlie has had lots of tests, xrays and bloods and sadly has beak and feather disease, which means Harry has too as they have been together since we had them. It has taken me a while to come back as I didn't want to admit it to myself, never mind everyone here.. He has had some antibiotics and has actually perked up a bit. He doesn't seem in distress. We have separarate Charlie and Harry as Charlie never managed to get to the food, and needs to sleep more than Harry so they are very close but have their own homes. The vet is lovely and has been supporting us in how to care for him as he seems to have the chronic form so may well live a little (I know it won't be a long time) while, he has vitamins, lots of veg and good quality seed, he has a heater in the room they sleep in case he gets cold and seems to be doing okay. As soon as he seems to be distressed we will take him back to the vet as we can't see him suffer, but for now we will just love him.. We know this means Harry can't have a companion once Charlie dies, which is sad as the reason we had 2 budgies was for friendship. Harry seems well at the moment, so we are hoping he has a slightly stronger immune system and will stay well for a bit. We also know that we will need to fumigate the house before we can have any more birds. However the vet did make one suggestion you may be able to help with! She is Australian and said in Australia there are some dedicated owners who look after sick budgies and they knit them little jackets to keep warm once their feathers drop out.. Is this really possible? If so do you know anyone who makes them? I can't knit and can't see how you fit a coat on a budgie, but I would do anything for my little chap. Any jacket suggestions are welcome... Thanks for all your advice at Christmas Lizzy
  5. we have a specialist avian vet so as soon as we can get him there we will. Thanks so much. He is such a chirpy and happy chap, we will do all we can to look after him.
  6. Thanks for your replies, is there anything we can do to help him?
  7. just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what is happening to Charlie. I appreciate it is Christmas, so everyone is probably busy with family and food, but just thought I would ask...
  8. Hi Have got as many pictures as we can. He isn't that sure of the camera , hopefully these will do... Thanks everyone sorry you asked about food too. He has 'best budgie seed' from the breader - the best one they do, and veg, with millett when hand training him. Harry has the same and is in a very different state - as you might spot. Also they have cuttlefish Iodine block and a mineral block and sand with oyster shell on the bottom which they occasionally have a munch at.
  9. Hi I just wanted some advice on Charlie. We got him In August as a baby, he started his first big moult in October, and hasn't really grown many feather since, so he now has very sparce feather coverage and some are still comming out. He has regrown his big tail feather but it is not formed properly, it is tiny, not feathery at all and droops. His flight feathers haven't grown back either. He seems happy enough, eating normally, singing and chatting to Harry. He holds his own in any budgie diagreements ( not that there are many). We are basically snowed in so I can't get him to the vet. Any ideas on whether this is just normal and he isn't a strong chap, or is it something to worry about? Many thanks Liz
  10. Made another step forward today. Before getting Charlie out I realised I wasn't sure he would stay on my finger if I moved at all. I have only ever sat very still with him on my finger, so we had a practice at moving round the cage while he sat and munched on the millett. Harry managed it too, but got off a little quicker. Will not be able to get him out tomorrow as I won't be home until nearly the boys bedtime, but will aim to have a go on Wednesday!
  11. Thanks Elly I think I will try with Charlie as he doesn't have his flight feathers at the moment. He is bolder too! We will head to a budgie proofed bathroom and see how he goes.I have been making sure they only ever get millet if standing on my finger for several weeks now, so I think they have that message. Harry looks like he is just about to start a big moult, so will hold off on the wing clipping to see if he loses them anyway. If it doesn't look like they will go I will think about taking to the specialist vet to be clipped just once. Thanks for your advice, it is hard to know what to do for the best, but want to make sure they are safe as well as able to come out and play. Some people make it sound so easy! Our last Budgie Joey had lots of health problems so was very dependent on us, and really trusted us from an early point and was very tame. These boys are so different we will just take it at their pace and see what happens! They do make us laugh though witht heir playful antics...
  12. Hi everyone Harry and Charlie have been with us for just over 2 months now and are so much fun. However I wondered what to do next with taming them. They are used to my hand in the cage, they will come straight over for millett and step onto my finger to get it, sometimes both at the same time, but generally Charlie goes first and only lets Harry on once he has had enough. I can now move them around the cage on my finger whilst eating millett. However I can't get them to step up to my command, I always say 'step up' as they step on but they always move away if I move towards them. Harry is much more nervous than Charlie, but they both step away. Harry is really wanting to have a good fly, he practices a lot in the cage and is so skilled he almost hovers at times. Charlie hasn't been as great at flying and has now just had a first moult so has lost his flight feathers. I am wondering if we should start getting them out of the cage and holding them, or letting them have a fly - well Harry anyway - and then getting them to step up once they calm down, out of the cage. I am not very good at catching them in thie cage they are just too quick for me, so they do get in a bit of a state when I try and get them out to put them in a different cage to go to another room, so have only done this once. Any advice would be great Thanks
  13. Thanks folks, we have been to the shop and now have a little saucer, a bit like a plant one for them. It is nice and warm in the house, so we will see how they get on. They have had a look at the strange object in the bottom of the cage, but not ventured in. They are not overly happy with our hands yet, so not ready to join our finger in the water yet. They are happily coming to our hands for millett now though, not hesitation at all on that front! They love their new big cage and are happily flying around and playing games. It is so sweet to see...
  14. Harry and Charlie are settling in well. They have been with us just over a week now and are very happy in their new home. They have even flown over to a branch near my hand to have some millett. I was just wondering how soon should I give them something to have a bath in. Our last budgie didn't enjoy water much at all, so had a wash very occasionally in his wet green leaves. I know this isn't what most budgies would do so want to get it right for the boys. As they are new to us and not very old (about 3 months we think) I wasn't sure how soon we should provide a bath and the best way to do it. A commercial bath on the side or a small saucer of water on the floor? They haven't really been on the floor except by accident. I really would appreciate your advice. Thanks
  15. Thank so much everyone. We were aiming for 2 boys, but it is good to know! They are just so cute and really building confidence each day now. They have even managed to play a tiny bit rather than just watch us, although they still have moments of keeping very still. I will let you know how they get on as they grow, and will no doubt be back for help as time goes on
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