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  1. If anyone's interested, I got 5 new budgies and put them in with my remaining budgie from inside. I later added another 2. They seem happy in there, not too crowded, IMO. I am using the shelf for their food and water. I've put a chook waterer there, and they seem fine using that. Having the "dinner dishes" up there is good because I don't have to have anything hanging in their way, if they want to flap about. I haven't had any signs of mice getting up there.
  2. Hi, welcome to the forum. Yes, I think you can go a bit batty over budgies. They are such lovable little birds.
  3. I am planning on putting some budgies in an aviary. It's only small, 1.7m overall, about 1.1 for the bird part and a safety door area. Depth is around 97cm and it's 1.8 tall. First question, do you think it's okay for a few budgies, and, if so, how many? Would six be okay? Secondly, the aviary has metal sheeting across the back and half of the side (the whole side on the safety door side) and mesh across the front and half of the side. Across the back is a high shelf, with a carrier for a full-length (about 1.1) perch. Is the shelf intended for their "dinner dishes"? I've been reading about mice and how they'll access through the mesh, but can they scale metal sheeting or do they need to have the foothold of mesh to get up there? Any recommendations as to what feeder/waterer is best? I was thinking of putting chook waterer/feeders up on the shelf, if that's what it's for. Any better suggestions? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Update: My budgies have gone into the bigger cage on the patio. They seem happy in with the others. I miss having them right here, but they seem to enjoy it in with the others, so I'll just have to get used to it. Thanks for the advice.
  5. I don't want them to breed so hopefully that won't create any issues.
  6. Thanks pebble, mine are older than yours, hopefully they could still adapt. The new cage can be divided up so they could have half to test their reaction out, but I don't want to even try it if it might traumatize them or scare them to death or anything really bad. The cage is mostly next to a wall and all of it is under a roof. Interestingly, they seem to like the open end. I've got some bamboo screening I can put up if/when it gets hot, or I could get a bamboo blind for the open end. At the moment it seems fine (there's shadecloth above the open side, so it's not totally exposed anyway.
  7. So, I got 3 young budgies who were already in together and "friends" (supposed to be a boy, a girl, and probably a boy). She's gone in with them and they seem to all get on okay. I've also got them a bigger (longer) cage. I'm wondering whether my 2 indoor budgies could go out there with the others? Can budgies who have always been indoors adapt to life outdoors and can 2 budgies who have only had each other adjust to life in a bigger group? Not just whether they could adapt, but whether it would be better for them/they might like it better. Has anyone put indoor budgies out on a patio (it's undercover, but obviously subject to more fresh air and temperature fluctuations). Do they stress out if their lifestyle is changed, or would they just join the party? The outside cage is double the length of their cage.
  8. Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for a boy looking for a home and hope that they end up liking each other.
  9. I was told that she was a girl. Do you want to see pictures of her to get a look at her cere? I haven't really got any good ones yet that show her face on. She was chomping on her branch. I'll try to get some better ones tomorrow. Also, I've only got closeups of her, not of the cage. It's a patio cage, about 80 x 180 high x ? deep. I'll take some measurements and photos tomorrow. Thanks.
  10. Yes, thanks. There is a bit of crystal-ball gazing involved in asking, but I don't know much about birds (my budgies are my first birds, ever) so it's best not to find out something you needed to know AFTER you've gone off and done the wrong thing. It was a "no-brainer" when I got my first budgie. She looked miserable on her own, I rushed out and got her a cagemate. With this new one, she seems quite bright and she's obviously used to being an "only budgie" that it's more of a decision. I'd hate to upset her too much if she doesn't want to share "her stuff" or she doesn't like a new budgie. How "serious" is "serious conflict"? WIll they scrap and then retreat to a corner, or are we talking ripping each other to shreds, fight to the death sort of "serious". I understand that they'd need to be introduced slowly, but how is the fighting when budgies don't like each other? Serious enough to involve injury, or all squawking and posturing but nobody really gets hurt?
  11. Hi everyone, I joined the forum some time ago and have been lucky that my budgies have been without any issues to ask about. I've just taken in another budgie (and 2 weiros) from somebody who couldn't look after them any more. The budgie is in a separate cage from the weiros, but they are next to each other so she isn't completely on her own. She seems quite "happy" on her own and it's obviously what she's used to. I'd really like to get her a friend or friends but am very confused as to how to go about it... First question, with a budgie who has been living on her own (not sure how old she is), will she still be receptive to sharing her space or will changing her circumstances freak her out more than improve her circumstances? (I realize that personality comes into it, but if anyone has experience to offer an opinion I'd be grateful). The girl at the pet shop said that they are better in even numbers because they tend to pair up and that a boy and girl or 2 pairs would be the way to go. She also said that more boys and a girl might mean the boys would compete for the girl. BUT I searched on here and some people had 2 boys and a girl and one had 3 boys and a girl. I don't plan on breeding and I'm completely clueless about "budgie sex". (I'm not sure what sexes my budgies are, and they've never seemed interested in any girl/boy stuff and they don't have a nesting box). The FAQ also suggested that 2 males are better than male/female or 2 females. The girl at the pet shop also said that you won't know the sex of baby birds and that I would need to adopt an older bird or birds to choose a particular sex. She suggested getting her a "boyfriend" and then maybe add another bonded pair. I'm happy to offer a home to birds people don't want any more and sometimes they are trying to rehome a pair. Would a pair accept my new budgie, or should I only look at single budgies? Does anyone have any advice as to whether to get her a friend or friends and how best to go about it to avoid drama? I'm quite confused. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the replies. No, the house isn't big enough for the birds to be kept in the house in another room. 2 rooms will have the ceilings done. That just leaves my bedroom and the kitchen (not enough room in either, and not suitable in any event). We've only a carport which is open on 2 sides and the back patio is also open at the back. And there's no-one I know who can take them (although there's someone I can ask, although she's got a cat and dog so it may not be feasible). Today I bought them a new cage to go in. It's quite a reasonable size, but it fits in my car. My vet can take them. They'll be in a room by themselves, not near the dogs and other animals or any birds coming for a consultation. I've sent an email to another place to see what they can offer. At this stage the vet's seems the best option, I trust the people there. The other place (without the birds) said they'd go in a kitchen area on top of a fridge (!) I've asked the builders to use low-fume paint, so hopefully they won't have to go for long.
  13. My house had some ceiling damage in a storm and it will be repaired by patching and painting. I'll have to send my birds for boarding so the paint fumes don't affect them. Their cage is quite big and can't be transported. I have a tiny little cage that I bought in case they have to go to the vet. At this stage, there are 2 places I could take them to. Details are a bit vague, I need to get some more information and go for an inspection (I've another to telephone yet). So far, one says they have a cage that the birds could go in (if suitable, I wouldn't have to buy another cage), the other I'd need to supply their own cage and they'd be kept in the kennel owner's house alongside their own small birds (not sure exactly what they've got, I'll have to ring to find out). Is there any reason they shouldn't go into the borrowed cage? Would they be better off in a new cage of their own? Is being kept with other birds a big risk if the other birds appear healthy and are well-cared for? Will they be stressed if they are kept with the other birds? Will they be stressed at having to downsize/change cages? I'm not sure how long they'll need to stay until the paint fumes clear (I'll see whether they can use low-fume paint) - maybe a week? What size cage would be suitable for them to stay in for that period of time? Sorry for asking so many questions, but I really don't know what to do. Any advice as to what would be best will be gratefully received.
  14. Hi everyone. I've been reading the site and forum for a while and have just signed up. I am a new budgie owner and have 2, Dorothy and Finbar (I think one may be female and one male, but as they are young, I'm not sure). I've a lot still to learn and have already found a lot of useful information here.
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