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  1. Thanks so much for the replies. I've been careful about washing the water bottle and refreshing the vitamins each day. I suspect that the Vet will give me some specific drops when I go next week. I added apple for her tonight without seed so I'll see if she likes that and will continue some outside time each day. Thanks again, I'll update on e she's seen the Vet .
  2. Hi everyone, I will take my girl to the Vet next week, I need to wait for pay day. In the meantime I was wondering if anyone could comment on her photos and advise me if I need to rush to the Vet or not. I can probably borrow money if I really need to do so. Also, can anyone suggest a good and affordable Bird Vet in Western Sydney? Storm is a 2yr old Budgie who has been sick on and off ever since I purchased her as a hand-reared baby from a well-known pet shop in NSW. She's had 3 respiratory infections that have required medication. She has also been treated for megabacteria and a few months ago spent a week at the Vets very sick and was treated for a parasite in her crop. She was tested for psittacosis and doesn't have that. have tried 4 different bird Vets and each one has suggested a different diet and since she was still getting sick I keep changing it. Right now she is on basic dry seed mix and I was getting pretty slack with adding vegetables. I have recently started to make sure that she has a variety of veg each day which she loves and have started to add Vetafarm Soluvit D3 to her water. She is inside all the time so I have also recently started taking her cage outside and sitting with her in the sun while I drink a cup of tea each day. She is breathing well now, is chirpy and active but has a weirdly overgrown cere and what looks like a crack in her beak. She uses her beak on a variety of toys and chews on my fingernails and it is very strong, there's no movement in it because of the crack. I did a google search and her cere looks like hyperkeratosis. She has normal poop and is active but I am worried about her beak and cere. I really just want a well bird and she is so sweet that she really deserves the very best. Any advice at all about what I should do or not do would be much appreciated. I'm not sure if I have added the photos correctly so here's hoping... Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to any replies. Regards, Karen & Storm the Budgie
  3. Hi all, I have a pet budgie with French Moult. He's an awesome little guy and I took him to the Vet when I first realised something was wrong. At the time he was quite sick and was treated for bacterial and funcal infections. He's now healthy but is continuing to lose feathers. I'm getting worried that he may be cold in winter. He lives in a cage in the loungeroom with another Budgie in his cage. What is the best way to keep him warm? Are heated perches available in Australia? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Karen
  4. Huge thanks for your response Kat!! You have probably saved my bird's life. I took him and his cagemate to an Avian Vet this morning (Dr Rob Marshall at Carlingford). He has put Monkey on an immune enhancing programme. Slides of the droppings also showed LOTS of bacteria in Monkey's poop & Megabacteria in Storm's poop. So, perhaps you have saved them both. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
  5. Hi, I purchased a young supposedly hand-raised baby from a bird shop on the October long weekend last year. The bird didn't have any tail feathers and I assumed that the flight feathers had been clipped although I have since been told by someone more knowledgeable than me that they aren't there. When I enquired about the missing feathers I was told that 'I must have pulled them out during the hand feeding but don't worry they'll grow back.This little bird has now lost the bars on top of his head and yet there is no growth of these feathers and he looks like a little Dodo bird! Will these feathers grow back as I was told or do you think he may have been damaged and will stay as he is. He's a great pet so it doesn't matter but I'm sad to think I may have been lied to. Thanks!!
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