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  1. Harry


    Thanks, I've decided not to give it to my birds. I read somewhere it was high in salts. Harry
  2. Does anyone know if it safe to feed birds Berocca, as it looks like a good multivitamin. I have read the back of the packet, and it contains various vitamin B's ( B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12), vitamin C, vitamin H, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Any advice, particularly if you would advise giving it to birds, would be helpful. Harry
  3. I believe that vanilla essence rids the smell of humans from the traps... but not sure about the dead mice. This was from the local hardware who sells similar mousetraps.. but it also works as an attractant
  4. Welcome to the forum Seeing as I am a fairly new show budgie breeder as well, I would be happy with those two spangles. As to the price, I am able to get club culls for around $10 each, of okay standard, which is good for me ( as I am just learning how to breed budgies, what to do, and what not to do). As a beginner, I wouldn't pay for anything over around $30, which would change depending on how much you are willing to spare for 'budgie money' Good luck with breeding them - when they come into condition Harry
  5. I'm not the best at sexing budgies - but, it looks like you are right Harry
  6. Sorry to hear Splat, Good thing you havent lost any birds though I remember reading somewhere about a snake trap made out of a milo tin, and a large egg, I think it was a duck egg. You would drill a hole big enough for the snake to get its head in the hole - into the tin, and there would be an egg which is bigger than the hole in the milo tin. The snake would eat the egg and not be able to get back out for a while. You could try searching around on the internet, maybe you will have more luck than me. Anyway good luck with getting rid of this snake. Harry
  7. Hey, If it was me, I would do as Penny suggested, bathe it, and put it in a cage with warmth supplied to the cage, but make sure there is a spot where your budgie can go without the heat. Good luck
  8. As far as my knowledge, there is only green pigment in budgies. Therefore we can only get colours by taking the base out of the pigment - either yellow or blue. Taking out yellow makes a blue bird. There is no violet pigment in a budgie, violet only enhances or modifies the cobalt blue on the birds to make it look more vibrant. So, with only green pigment in a budgie, then we are unable to get a red budgie. Someone mentioned a blackfaced budgie or black budgie, I found this webpage a couple of days ago regarding blackfaces, not sure if it has already been posted, but have a look I found it interesting http://www.budgerigar.co.uk/mutations-blackfaces-mistys/ Hope I have helped someone Harry
  9. I wouldn't worry about the sealant, the concrete floor is easy to clean in an aviary - if you don't mind splashing some water in there. All you need is a stiff bristled broom, and after the concrete has been wet just sweep away all the gunk, the poo comes away easily with a stiff broom. Make sure you get him to do the concrete at a slight angle - my concrete was done dodgily and the water does not drain, it will make life so much easier Good luck
  10. Charlie looks like a spangle, dark green spangle maybe? And Snowy is hard to tell in the picture, but looks to be some sort of pied.
  11. How big is the cage that they are in? You should probably take more advice from someone who knows more, but could they be feeling crowded, and fighting because of that? Good luck with the problem
  12. Have you tried using the shortcuts? -Copying, control c - Pasting, control v Try highlighting it then pressing control c and that should copy what has been highlighted. If that does not work I have no idea, Good luck with it splat, looking forward to seeing these birds Harry
  13. Hey Taylor The aviary sounds like a good idea, but ive got a couple of questions -Where will the aviary be placed? -Will there be draughts where the aviary is placed. This could be a problem because from the pictures of the aviary there is no enclosed area that will be weather proof for the birds. Good luck with buying your new birds.
  14. Hi Daz Sorry this is a bit late, I need to make some nest boxes for my breeding cabinets, would you be able to upload the plans for the nest box like you have done with a holding cage. This would be a great help as I am not too good at designing. Also, what do you make your nest boxes out of? Thanks in advance Harry
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