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  1. That's so sad. Poor little thing, she was looking so good to. Thanks Kaz for taking the time and trouble to share her with us, she was a cutie.
  2. Thanks heaps for the link, we will look into it! Have a great Xmas.
  3. They are adorable! My daughter is also pleading for some chickens. How did you track down a breeder? Are they on the net?
  4. Dellouisa

    New Bubs

    They are really lovely! Gorgeous colours.
  5. How is little Dusty going? All good I hope! Can you post some pics of his siblings? Cheers
  6. They are all terrific. The yellow faced blue is devine!
  7. Yes looks all good to me. The male might start to enter the nest box when the hen is sitting on eggs or the chicks have hatched as he will take an active part in feeding them.
  8. Kaz this is such an interesting post. Thanks for giving us regular updates,although I know when Dustys time is up I will be feeling awfully sad.
  9. They are stunning! I'm very happy for you.
  10. The Feather Duster thread was so interesting, could you please give us an update now and then!

  11. Good for you Kaz, give him your best shot, then if it doesn't work out you will know you did all you could to allow him to have the best life possible for the time he was with you.
  12. Hey, from what I can see in the picture the hen looks like she has a normal adult cere. Lots of hens ceres are bumpy looking and not smooth like the cocks. Even so you should research some of the links here to explain how to treat scaly face and look at some images so you will recognise it if it develops.
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