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  1. Most likely. How about posting photos as Jet is NOW so we can see what you see. No flash to be used taking these photos. Well I'll upload some photos of her on the weekend and during the daylight .
  2. A really stupid idiot.
  3. I just noticed now... Jet's cere is going a light brown colour , Does this mean Jet's a she?
  4. You see ... My parents are saying Jet is a girl because it's cere is pink but I need the word from experts to confirm it's sex. Here's a picture of Jet , Jet is only 6 Months old , a few months ago we took that and Jet's cere is still that colour. So what's Jet's Sex?
  5. Really? I'll have to tell my brother.
  6. Bullet keeps flying away while I am trying to tame it . Any tips on how to stop it flying away?
  7. Isn't it the first 4 primary flight wings??
  8. Congrats! Like the picture , Cute little Budgie :grouphug:
  9. They all look like males to me . :grouphug:
  10. Thanks I am glad I joined this forum ... It's very helpful. just a tip breeding birds for money unless you over breed your birds or have so many its ridiculous then its not worth the money you would make or effort their is one way im looking into it that you could earn a steady income but not a big money maker just enough to still cover costs of seed and veg meds things like that oh kaz three cin chicks all hens got to be stoked with that Well I might stick to pet Budgies then
  11. Okay , That website ... Is plain wrong ... Seriously a bird diaper??
  12. Congrats On Your Chicks! :grouphug: Can't wait to see pictures of them when they have lots of feathers. Bet they will be cute.
  13. Thanks I am glad I joined this forum ... It's very helpful.