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  1. Thanks Kaz, Hehe, that is what I meant, I am still new to the budgie terms I don't see any white at all so must mean Dimi is male yay
  2. Thanks everyone, Now I need a lovely female
  3. Dimi is a bit older now so the beak is changing colour. Male of female? I want to get Dimi a little friend
  4. Good idea! I will try that. Thanksyou
  5. I have found out that Dimitri loves bananas the most so far, so I dice it up with some apples, sprinkle some seeds in then mix it together. I am so proud of him . Trying to get him on the greens now, but it isn't working yet.
  6. I've seen heaps of people with colourful rope perches and would really like to get one. What is a good website for the perch and other bits and bobs. Thanks :what:
  7. Well Tania is my name and I just added the first letter of my middle name and surname.
  8. Dimitri is already eating from my hand. He loves his millet spray How do I get him to perch on my finger.. do I put my fingers near his feet or slowly take the millet further away from him making him jump on my hand? Also, I am still contemplating to clip or not to clip. I don't want him to start being scared of me after I do it.. but I don't really want to. Thanks
  9. Aww thank you It is nice to know all these little things because he is my first. I am probably just a normal worried mother
  10. Dimitri holds on to the bottom of the cage and moves his feet in one spot. He keeps doing this and I am wondering if this is normal? Thanks
  11. I have started hand feeding Dimitri millet spray. He ate from my hand 2 days already. I was so happy He also eats and grooms himself when I am around so I think it's a good sign so far Could he be chirping happily when I am in the room doing my own thing?.. because he does that.
  12. Another picture of Dimitri I hope it's better
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