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  1. I am sorry about the picture size I did and always do resize my pics, dont know what happend this time, once again sorry.
  2. Bruce does that in his seed dish just like Kaz says. Boy does he make a mess, the seed comes flying out of the cage everywhere, when we tell him to stop he looks at us as much to say why whats up.. it is so funny.. here is a picture of him doing it. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v193/liz...an/DSC00077.jpg
  3. I never clipped Bruces wings, and it does take time and patience getting them confident enought to step on your finger, but keep trying and I'm sure you will be rewarded, just remember go at the birds pace never try to rush them. It is so easy to scare them and lose their trust.
  4. Well we have had another beautiful day, and it is predicted to continue until at least the weekend. It is amazing the variety of temperatures that you get across Australia. We have slight variations in as much as the south of our country tends to be a bit warmer than further up north but it isnt that great a difference, but we are a miniscule country compared to the land mass of Australia. How on earth do you ccope with temperatures in the high 40's. our bodies would struggle with that as we are not used to such high temperatures. I have experienced it that hot once when I was on holiday i
  5. Today 21st June here in the UK it is the Summer Solstice, the longest day (light) of the year. After today the sun starts its long slow journey back to the Southern hemisphere. ( I hope it doesnt rush away ) We are enjoying glorious sunny and warm weather at the moment, I have spent some of the day out in my garden, it is even warm enough for Bruce to have been out side in his cage. It is so good to be able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine as we have had one of the worst Winters on record for over 30 years. I lost a few plants in the garden due to frost and a couple of foot of snow wh
  6. That is amazing, she looks great now, so glad she isnt suffering any more, it must have been so hard for you to see her the way she was.. good on you for sticking with her.
  7. I have to agree with you, I still dont approve of putting "clothes " of any description on birds and animals, yet again just my opinion. If you let your bird fly free all day in a safe environment does that mean you leave the suits on all day and contain the poop, or do you decide when its okay to let them go without a suit and poop everywhere? If its okay to poop everywhere sometimes surely its okay to let them poop freely all the time, it takes seconds to clean up after them! Maybe my opinion is wrong? But it is my opinion.
  8. Ohhh lunch sounds delicious can I come and get my nose in the bowl as well :nest: They are growing all the time and still as cute. It is good to see a responsible breeder making sure her pups go to good homes, sadly this doesnt always happen. Here in the UK we get what we call puppy farms where unscrupulous breeders just breed dogs for money, and the poor bitches are just there as puppy machines. Most if not all of the pups are unhealthy and come from unhygienic surroundings. People are told to avoid these farms like the plague but the breeders are crafty and try to dupe people into
  9. Yes, i tried. Not a chance. I cant even suck my toe let alone my elbow :nest:
  10. How exciting for you, cant wait to see some pics of Tatoe... great name you have chosen.
  11. Just because there are idiots who buy from this site doesnt make it right! The poor birds must end up with their rear end feathers caked in poop, and what about the stress to the bird whilst putting the diaper on and off them. Dont some people realise owning any sort of animal involves cleaning up after them. If you dont want to be responsible and take on animal care dont own an animal or bird. Sorry for the rant but things like this make me angry. An animal/bird is just that you shouldnt try to humanize them. Phew glad to have got that off my chest feel better fot that now.
  12. Read this link from FAQ for ideas on fruit and veg http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/faqs/i...&artlang=en and this one for toxic and non toxic plants http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/faqs/i...&artlang=en
  13. It could be because your budgie is frightened that it bites if you put your finger near it. As they say the best form of defence is attack. You must always be very gentle when going near your bird, if it doesnt want you near it dont force the issue or you may frighten the bird and then you will never get its trust again.
  14. Yes he does it all the time, but if he goes the other way from my hand and climbs up my nose to get to my glasses it doesnt half hurt, his little claws put tiny perforations in my nose.. ouch I think he like my glasses as they are shiny frames and he can see reflection in them, its funny though when he sticks his head down inside them, looks like he is trying to read the newspaper with them
  15. Well the boy dogs in our family are Polo as he is a white Westie and Polo mints are white Alfie he is a rescue Shitzu Oscar was the name of my Golden Labrador but now the name of my Daughter's Border Collie My next door neighbour named their Westie, Mac Enjoy your new Pup you are in for lots of fun