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  1. :angel: ohhhh!!!! No, I did not grasp the meaning of quarantine at all did I :angel: I guess once again damage is done.
  2. Thought I would let you know the outcome.... I was able to give Elly to my friend with the aviary. I expected she would quarantine (as I have learnt from this site) yet she was happy to put her straight in with her other birds even after me explaining etc. I'm now worried about 'her' birds because Elly just attacked each and every one of them. I have been consoled to some extent and been told if there are males in the aviary, which there are, that they will sort it out. I truely hope so! I decided to get Mellow a mate from where I got her and yes, I'm doing the quarantine this time Already Mellow and ? - havent named him yet, are getting along fine. I borrowed a cage from my friend and they are talking to each other through the bars and sitting quite close to the cage walls to be near each other (the cages arent too close) and I'm left wondering if they could even remember each other? I cant express what a relief it is to have Elly not attacking Mellow anymore and I'm even happier these 'seem' to get along. Ahhhh...the peace is bliss
  3. Oh okay, I do have a lot to learn about birds dont I! :yes: I will get intouch with my friend and see if she will take her. Fingers crossed! Thanks everyone!
  4. Hmmmm....I was afraid you'd all say that. Not so sure what to do now as I only have the one cage and unable to keep them both if they do need to be in separated permanently. I suppose giving Elly to a friend who has an aviary will also result in her birds being bullied?
  5. I know its only been a week and Elly & Mellow need to settle in together however, I think the bickering and bullying displayed by Elly is getting worse. No matter where Mellow is eating, Elly bullies her out the way and then eats there. I put in more feeders but this hasnt helped. There are also 2 hanging treat feeders and Elly just has to have the one Mellow is eating at the time. Mellow's feathers are also on the bottom of the cage so I'm not sure whats happening when my back is turned. Do I persevere or separate them? cheers!
  6. Hi Kaz, Yes, I didnt word my reply very well. I was wondering if I should in fact quarantine them now after them being together for 48 hours or not worry considering they 'have' been together and the damage is done if either has health issues?
  7. Thanks for the tips Is it worth separating them now or leave them to sort it out? I did introduce them to the new cage at the same time thinking neither will be familiar with it, so from what you say this was the right thing to do....good! If the bickering lasts longer than a week I'm guessing I will need to separate them? And while I'm here.... I'm wondering about how to protect them from the wind? Their cage is under cover in our pergola area, however, at times we do get strong winds, is covering the cage, which I am doing of a night to protect from the cold, enough protection from wind as well?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I am so glad I have found you!! Its been great to get to know my feathered friends from your posts. 2 weeks ago I found a blue budgie having breakfast on a lawn in the sun whilst out on my morning walk, I knocked on doors but nobody owned it. I was concerned a cat or worse, a fox would kill it so I brought it home. I borrowed a cage from a friend, rang the vets in the area, put an add in the paper, some more door knocking (one lady said she'd noticed the bird flying around for over a week) but still nobody has claimed her. We have now decided to keep her. I bought a huge cage on the weekend and also a mate for company. I put them in the new cage at the same time. All seems to have been going well till today I noticed the blue one - 'Elly' is being defensive with 'Mellow' - yellow one. Mellow tries to get close to Elly but Elly bites and if Mellow turns its (not sure if male or female at this point, too young to tell) back, Elly grabs hold of Mellow's tail and pulls. Elly was also upset if Mellow tried to eat from the hanging seed treat in the cage if she was so I put another one in and they seem to be okay to feed on one each but the other biting continues.....should I be worried? Chainey
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