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  1. THis is my daughter and I taken about four weeks ago...shed just moved in to a great new apartment. Wed just had a cuppa and cake....
  2. What a beaut litter KAZ. Ill be following their progress as long as you post.....didnt imiagine to be enjoing baby Cavvies here among the Budgie LOvers...lol I can show you Star too..lol
  3. Abbie.my eight year old Great Dane.... And her little Staffy mate.. And Star...
  4. Oh congrats Dong...I have Lovies too... a pair and an unknown spare..a green black mask and a blue black mask..these two have produced eggs some clear and one fertile but sadly it was acidentally broken...little chick inside...I also have a lutino..dont know what sex but a very pretty bird. Im after several more too.
  5. Kaz your babies are so lovely...I hope they continue to thrive..I would have been surprised to hear that all puppies survived being such a big litter...its still a sad thing when you lose any though. Heres my litle fella...Canvalier Divas Star...named Star by my grand daughter...cant wait tll he arrives.
  6. Hi Kaz..I have a Tri colour baby boy.... he is in fact still with his breeder..wont have him in my clutches till the end of June as hes only coming up five weeks. But hes definitely miiiiiiiiiiiine.....lll post some pics in Off Topic for you...I loved your litter pics.... your girl had a huge litter for a Cavvy..hope they are all thriving now.... Thanks GenericBlue...your signature is just beautiful....
  7. What sex would you say the yellow one is? Im pretty sure its male..bad sideways shot...heres my LoveBirds..Iggle and Piggle..Ig is the blue ..both hand raised. Thanks for the remarks... Buttercup...Lutino LoveBird pretty sure that colour is what hes called..could be a her though..lol Bonded pair..Isis and Osiris... Spikey my tame boy..sorry the picture is too bright.
  8. Hi all..just joined this interesting forum today. I have two Budgerigars..have had quite a few as pets over the years, have never bred though. Ive a normal green male and a yellow Harlequin I think hes called ..also a boy. I also have three Cockatiels..a breeding pair and a Yellow pied which I hand raised myself and hes quite tame. Also have three African Lovebirds ..a black masked green and a black masked blue..also hand raised them . And a Lutino yellow /orange..unknown sex. The blue and green Black masked are male and female and recently laid about four eggs all but one was fertile but s