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  1. I have given him poly aid plus twice a day ,witch makes him sticky around the beak , and slowly changing to vetafarm budgie crumble.
  2. Thank you for all your replies. Welli is finally getting better,but he is lonely. I promised him once he is healthy again I will get him a friend, and hope that he will soon sing all day again.
  3. I have always given my birds celery, carrots,baby spinach,grapes,bottlebrush flowers. Welli,the surviving budgie is barely clinging to live,sitting at the bottom of the cage......I dont think he will survive.
  4. A few days ago one of my two budgies dropped dead. The other one was very sick ,so I went to the vet. To my amazement he said that the bird was starving . I always have more than enough food for them. The vet told me this is a very common problem,supermarket seed like "Trill" is just not nutritionally good enough ,More than half of the birds he sees are undernourished ,and a lot of them die. Trill advertises this as complete food for Budgies. People buy these Seeds in best intention and starve their beloved pets to death. I have to force feed the remaining bird with special nutrients and hope he survives. Regards....Hanna
  5. a view weeks ago i got another budgie ,he is very cute and is totally different to pepi i finally put them together in a cage ,the new one, welli, wants to make friends and follows pepi around .pepi is more grumpy than before and does not even want me near the cage.he would be better off in a aivery with lots of budgies around him. i hope i can find a place for him.
  6. Do you have a better photo of the cere ? Is there a lot of white on it ? the cere is light purple and smooth.i think he is still young, he lost a lot of white fluffy feathers and is growing yellow ones. i wanted a budgie that i could train and take outside the cage ,but i want him to be happy,so i will get him a friend. thank you all for your replies.
  7. i have bought my first budgie about 6 weeks ago,i have tried to do everything right,large cage,talking to him a lot, i think he is male ,he sings and seems happy, but he is not interested in toys,is very inactive,is not curios about anything.he is not interested in fruit,a swing,a bath. he jumps on the finger,but does not stay. i have seen other budgies,and their behavior is very different. please help pepi
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