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    This is possible but usually mutant 1 yellowface , yellow is restricted to the face. Mutant 2 is the type that has the 'turquoise' colour.
  2. 100% cock bird. A hen at this age would have a white,blue or brown cere. Cinnamon fallows are almost identical to lacewings. The cinnamon takes away the body colour.
  3. If you breed her to a normal cock you will only get split cocks and that isn't going to tell you anything untill you breed them the following year but if you breed her to an ino you will get all hens ino and all cocks TCB.
  4. I'd say its a texas clearbody. Texas clearbody have black eyes, fallows look similar but with red eyes. The Easley clearbody have black flights. If it was a grey wing the body colour would be stronger on the chest and under the mask, not washed out like this one. Texas clearbody's have grey flights like this one does.
  5. Budgies like the nestbox high up, so if it is on the floor of the cage, she probably won't use it.
  6. Looks like a Green Opaline greywing or dilute
  7. rachelm

    Hey All

    Hello and welcome Rico.
  8. Beautiful photo's Birdlove.
  9. I'm not sure if it will grow back normal. As long as she can still eat, she should be okay.
  10. He's gorgeous. Welcome :-)
  11. Thank you Maz. I know how you feel. Budgies really can be nasty, vicious killers. It has happened to me once last year, when a hen killed a chick at fledging. I also had a hen that went on a killing spree and scalped two other hens in a holding cage. Not nice to find.
  12. Tragic events today. This hen from pair 3 turned nasty and killed her oldest chick that had just left the nest, scalped and blood everywhere. So I removed her to a cage on her own and have left the cock to raise the remaining chicks. I will keep a close eye that he is feeding them. More photo's of fledging chicks. I really love this one. I think its an AYF violet mauve opaline dom pied greywing spangle from pair 2. Yellow face greywing dom pied sky's and cobalts pair 7 Yellow face Cobalt violet spangle.
  13. Sorry for your loss Pebble. Caked hard poop can be a sign of dehydration caused by illness.
  14. The cages I use for breeding are 61x 45x 45. Which is similar to what you already have. 1 pair per cage only.
  15. Some of the older babies are starting to fledge. This little violet cobalt greywing yellowface with her dad (Nest 5) Brother and sister from nest 5. Time to move to baby cage on their own. Yellow face cinnamon cobalt hen. Some young show chicks in show cage. Monster 60 days old. Yellow lacewings and a cinnamon grey.
  16. I collect cuttlebone from the beach but once I brought home more than I needed and it all went green and stinky.
  17. The top one is opaline spangle. The opaline combined with spangle shows body colour on the wings like the wing markings on your pretty chick. It also looks to be a hen.
  18. You should have the baby budgie in a cage on its own. Its too late for quarantine now, as you have already put them in the same cage but it is something to keep in mind for the future. Also, you said you have a male and a female budgie. They probably see the new arrival as an intruder and might attack it, worse so if you have a nest box in the cage.
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