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  1. just wondering if someon can help me i have a pair of budgies that have breed a couple of times with no problems they are about 1.5 years old the last 2 times ived put them down to breed the female lays about 6 eggs each time but all the eggs every time are infertile ived seen the male mate with the female many times ived changed the perches and have trimmed there vent feathers a little as well is there something im doing wrong? cheers
  2. Kaz you got any pictures of them and where can i get them from? cheers
  3. Thanks for your comments guys. Does anyone know wheres the best palce to buy seed feeders that go on the outside of the breeding cage? Cheers
  4. got the cage fronts off a friend and made the cabinets to suit its good when you got access to a panel saw lol cheers
  5. thanks for that kaz i put two 16mm dowles in there and one tree branch is that okay or should i take the tree branch out.I was thinking of getting the seed feeders that go outside. does anyone know where i can get them from? cheers
  6. Hi just finshed building 4 breeding cabinets with nest boxes just want to know if there okay and could there be any improvment on them? There made out of 18mm ply wood 600 wide 450 high 450 deep with side out trays. Here are some pics..... cheers
  7. thanks mate thats what i was after cheers
  8. can someone point me it the right direction i read a post the other day how to make a concave now i cant find it lol cheers
  9. Im about to make some breeding cabs is it okay to use 16mm white melamine for the cabs or is ply wood better? cheers
  10. my hens cere is changing colour it was a light white brown and now its getting more darker and she is always jumping in and out of the breeding box does that mean she is going into breeding condition? cheers
  11. cadman


    thanks maddy for the comments
  12. Does any one know where in sydney can get wire fronts for some breeding cabinets im about to make? cheers...
  13. cadman


    wheres the best palce to get wood shaving from? cheers
  14. cadman


    i have nothing at the moment in the breeding box.should i have something in there? i was outside today and i seen the hen go in the box for the 1st time it was good to see and the male was whisleing his had off once agian....
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