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  1. Thanks Kaz I have done some research and found my poor Budgie Cloud as an iodine deficiency. I have given him a iodine bell and he has been taken nibbles out of the bell. He should be getting better soon. :bump:
  2. Hi there, I feed my budgie lots of fresh food. Have you tried peeling a carrot with a vegetable peeler and giving your budgie the peelings, my birds love it. :bump: (remember to wash the carrot before using it) Hope this can be of help
  3. After their first moult definitely When my budgies moult, I have noticed that their colours are more vibrant! :what:
  4. Thanks, i have tried what you suggested and now it works! thanks once again,
  5. Hi there, My budgie Chirpy seems to have a red bottom. On close examination i found it to be red with white things around that area. Im not sure what to do about this? Can anyone help me? thanks
  6. Hi there, I have just bought some snow peas today. How do I serve them? Do i open them up or what? thanks
  7. Yes mine is a wormer that you add to water
  8. Hi there, I have a special Budgie wormer that i bought. I read on the packet the instructions but it didn't mention anything about how often to worm the Budgies. Please help thanks
  9. Can you feed them Jacaranda leaves?
  10. Hi there, I know there are already questions about this but do you mash up the boiled egg and mash the egg shells in with it to? :rofl: I have never given them this can you please help as to what i do? thanks
  11. Hi there, i was just wondering how to serve green beans to my budgies. thanks
  12. Hi there, My budgie cloud looks sick. From visual examination i saw that his eyes are red, cere is a bit off colour, and he is molting. Maybe this is just the molting stage for him? His claws seem to be scaled and his feathers near his eyes look weird. He also has a fast heart ( i can see his chest move very fast) and his toenails are brown. His eating is fine and he drinks water. He makes a clicking sound i don't know what that is, it sounds like his having trouble swallowing. Please help me as to what i can do for my budgie Cloud Thanks
  13. Hi there, My budgies eat Budgie seed and Some lettuce, But if i give them celery or carrot (cut thin) they wont touch it. I have tried putting them near their toys but it didn't work out. What other ways can i try to make them interested, I am not forcing them or anything like that. Just to get goodness into them. Thanks
  14. He is in the cage with chirpy when he does that.
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