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  1. On the really hot days if there if is no breeze I put the fan on to oscillate in front of the aviaries, and they really appreciate it. If its not too humid I mist them with water. And of course ensure fresh cool water. Some of my budgies like to play in a dish of water or budgie bath as well.
  2. My breeding pair did the same when I first started out, had another clutch before the babies left the nest. After doing this twice I seperated the parents for a few months as mum looked like she needed a break!! The next time I bred them I managed to get the male out in time before they bred again. Im not an expert but I would never breed my birds until old age, It seems cruel.
  3. Cute!! I have some violets, you can see their pics here http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=30045
  4. Thankyou! Thats about what I thought she might be. I have bred with her since Ive had her (3 clutches total), I was not planning on breeding with her anymore, do you think that would be the safe thing to do? Just that someone wants to buy a breeding pair, and want to make sure Ive got my facts straight first as I want to make sure she is looked after.
  5. I am selling all of my budgies as I can no longer dedicate the time to them and I am wondering is it possible to determine an approx age of my hen? We bought her in Nov 2009 as an "adult budgie" but didnt even think to ask how old she was. We got her as a companion for our cock who we rescued as his owner had neglected him. Thanks in advance.
  6. Sorry my fault, didnt read the date. Im not sure about budgies but I used to buy a different seed that had alot of wheat (i think it was wheat with the husk on) and sorghum in it and neither of these were ever eaten by either my budgies or teils. I only buy seed now that doesnt have these in it.
  7. I also use Golden Cob seed. 100kgs per month Oh god my finace would have a fit if I had that many birds!!! hahaha
  8. I get golden cobb budgie seed, it doesnt have any filler seeds in it. I get 5kg bags for about $12. This suits us fine as we only have 15 birds.
  9. omg i cant beleive people could even think of doing that!!!!
  10. wow how wrong was i i didnt een see the difrents in the birds just looked cinn to me but when i looded 4 times i can see the first one is actually grey wing and the sky cock bird m i thought was just bad pics why i dont normally give mutation guesses with pictures glad you stood up dean and corrected me i only tried as no one even had responded sorry who evers post this was sorry also that i cant scroll back through post to see whom you were :{ really wish you guys could fix that i hate the fact that you cant scroll back through posts previous to one your writing No need to appologise!!! I made sure any photos I took were as close as possible to what they look like in reality. I just noticed today the babies colours are becoming more vibrant since I took these photos, so pretty! Their colours under their tail are becoming really bright, its kind of exciting seeing how pretty they have become!!
  11. Thankyou dean!! Photos really dont do any birds justice I think. The first ones wings are definitely grey in the flesh, similar to their dad who is a greywing. I have 4 more babies in the nest box at the moment which will be the last, looks like 3 of them are violet. And the first clutch of 3 babies had 2 violets. All from the same parents (3 clutches all up). Unfortunately I have to start selling them as Ive had a huge change of life and will be starting uni and work next year, so wont have enough time for them, going to be hard to part with them all. I have 4 cockateils also but we cant part with them, the oldest one is 15. Thanks heaps for your help!!
  12. Our cat keeps them under control, saves me having to deal with them.....dont have the heart to kill them myself
  13. Hi, yes of course they need to eat, I just wondered why it was on the ground instead of a bowl, is that for aesthetics?.
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