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  1. sonny didn't make it. she passed away through the day. She must have had something wrong with her because she wasn't eating when we fed her. But atleast we have two healthy babies who love coming out and playing now.also they have been almost coming out of the box. they are nearly ready to leave the nest.
  2. It doesn't look like Sonny is going to make it, she has really laboured breath and is not eating, her stomach is empty and she looks pale. PLEASE, is there anything i can do, i can't bear to lose her.
  3. Why will you do the rest tomorrow? You should have done it all while you had the chick in your hand. I thought i would get them used to being out a little, besides i will do it when my mum is home to help tomorrow. they wont be ready to leave cage intill at let you see them eatting alone for one whole week at the littlest i keep my chicks with mum and dad till they are not being feed supliment by dad this is mabe sometimes up to two weeks after they have fleged and eatting alone good to know
  4. Why will you do the rest tomorrow? You should have done it all while you had the chick in your hand. I thought i would get them used to being out a little, besides i will do it when my mum is home to help tomorrow.
  5. Cockatiels can live up to 30 years. Thanks so much!
  6. We just got the babies out and Sunny had a little glob of poo on his toe, we soaked for a little while and got a little bit of it off, but we will get the rest off tomorrow when we get them out again. Bennie, the second oldest, had no poo but a little bit of seed in the roof of his mouth, we got a little bit out and will do the rest tomorrow. Flo, the oldest, had no poo and no seed (she is a very clean girl!) and is very boisterous- she was trying to climb onto my shoulder when i was holding her! I scraped out the box and put down a layer of rolled oats for bedding. When i was holding Flo i gave her a rolled oat to nibble on and she was nearly eating it! and she was nibbling on my hand! I think she is nearly ready to start eating by herself! also when we finished cleaning Bennie and put him back in the box we left the door open because we still had Flo to put back, and next time we looked he was running around the bottom of the cage! Flo is 3 weeks and 2 days and Bennie is 3 weeks and they have nearly all their feathers so i think they are NEARLY ready to leave the nest soon, they seem like early developers. I removed the dead egg from the nest so it is just the three babies. They were sooooooooooooo cute! they were clinging hold of our hands and climbing around! When i think about dead eggs and sick babies it makes me want to stop breeding. However when something like that happens today, i just want to have more and more! BREEDING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. How old is Sunny ? and can you post a picture ? Sunny is 2 weeks and 3 days old, i will post a picture soon but i am having a little trouble taking one as the mum will NOT get out of the box, i will take a picture when i am cleaning them soon.
  8. okay later i am going to do a huge clean out of the nest, put some rolled oats on the bottom of the nest, and clean the babies. Also Sunny (the youngest one) isn't standing up yet, do you think that he is just a late developer, or do you think he has some sort of deformation? Also do you think we should give him some special baby formula or something because a lot of the time we can see that he has an empty stomach. If so what is some sort of special baby food?
  9. I can't find it, but i know that i have to clean in it's beak, but i'm not sure how.
  10. Sorry. cockatiels arent my thing That's okay, another thing, the youngest baby is 2 weeks and 3 days old, does that mean that i should clean them all and check over them now, if so exactly how should i do it? we have taken them out and held them in front of the cage once before, but we didin't do anything to them.
  11. Thankyou for your help! Also do you know how long cockatiels live for approx? i know it has nothing to do with budgies but i was wondering.
  12. okay also this morning i saw the male and female mating again, and afterwards the female was giving signs as if she wanted to do it again! why do you think she is doing this? The only thing that is stopping me from removing the egg is that she is still laying on it occasionly and she sort of kicks it around abit. also the youngest chick Sunny is still to tiny to stand up so he just lays on the floor, but several times we have seen the parents step on him, do you think this is okay?
  13. Sorry about not posting in a while, been very busy. I weighed the lid down so Sweat Pea can't lift it, and both Sweat Pea and Peebo had been eating the egg. The oldest to chicks, Florentine (Flo) and Benedict (Bennie) are quite big now at 3 weeks and 1 day and 2 weeks and 6 days, almost as big as their parents. I just found out this morning that they will both be sky blue as they have tiny blue feathers. The youngest one Sunny Side Up (Sunny) still doesn't really have any feathers, just opened his eyes a couple of days ago, we think he is a slow developer. The egg that we thought might be dead turns out to be dead. I think that it might of died quite early because it only fills up half the egg and also when we were candling them we only saw three of the eggs with heart beats and moving. Oh well three out of five is good. We have removed the infertile egg from the nest and disposed of it (put it in the bin) but i'm not sure how long to keep the dead one in there? Thanks! Megan M
  14. Oh that's awful!!!!! i will find something to keep it down.
  15. I don't think so because he goes in through the hole all the time so he knows how to get in.
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