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  1. Thanks Splat & Kaz for getting back to me, Dont I feel like **** for letting this happen, when should I start trimming the lower beak (now or after it leaves the nest). Thanks again
  2. I dont feed them soft food, they have calcium drops in the water plus cuttlefish (which the dad loves). The top beak looks small in comparison to the others. I will check tonight if there is any food lodged in the beak.
  3. Hi, I need some advise / help. I have a baby in the nest which is just starting to feather up and I noticed last night that it looks as though its top beak is growing into the bottom one. Its not that pronounced but the top beak is smaller than it should be. It is the youngest of 3 and its siblings are fine. Is there anything I can do for the baby? Thanks
  4. You can tell that puppy will get looked after well.... afterall the kid barracks for West Coast so he wont have to worry about the footy.
  5. here are the babies one month on. (this is doubles as my experiment for uploading photos)
  6. Hi Spanglewings, they are lovely birds, are you trying to breed them again? My pair have hatched all 3 eggs now and babies are doing very well. Cheers
  7. Hiya all, Bout 3 months ago I decided to build a 2nd smaller aviary, once completed after much procrastination I decided to get a colony of Lovebirds. I bought 3 from an add in Petlink (One pair & also spare male) - all Violet Masked Lovebirds and another seperate female Blue Masked. The pair I bought had already started building a nest at their previous home but had never before bred. So I put 3 nesting boxes in and hoped for the best. The 2 supposed females started building a nest together straight away, this I thought would lead to clear eggs. They lais 3 eggs which to my suprise appeared fertile. This morning when I checked the aviary I could hear a baby noises coming from the box. It would appear I have 3 males, 1 female and 1 baby in the aviary. This was confirmed when I had a look in the nest box. Just wanted to share as I am very exited about these events. Cheers Brad
  8. I am still colony breeding atm, so they have soft food available to the avairy every morning, I have put some millet in the breeding box to try to get her to eat more. Her cere has lost colour but she looks strong & healthy, the male is in excellent condition. How many chicks should I transfer, it is the eldest chick that is struggling the most (4 days older). I could transfer that one and maybe chickie 2 to the other female - thay are comparable in age and size. Thanks
  9. Hi, I currently have 2 hens with babies, both have raised babies successfully before. My problem is the first hen (4 chicks) seems to be not feeding her chicks overly well. Every time I check them their crop is half full. The second hen (3 + 1 more to hatch) is doing a wonderful job. The oldest chicks in each nest are 10 and 7 days old but are the same size. Should I transfer one chick accross and also do I transfer the eldest or youngest and what age can you transfer chicks. Thanks, I have not transferred chicks around before hence my questions.
  10. Dong

    Hi Everyone!

    HI Kaz - Just a nickname!!
  11. Dong

    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks everyone for the welcome, i forgot to introduce myself properly last time, my name is Brad. I will try to organise some photos on the weekend of my aviary and feathered friend. Cheers
  12. Dong

    Hi Everyone!

    Hiya all, I have finally signed up to this great forum, I am amazed by the amount of knowledge and help available here. I had some budgies as a kid and decided to build an aviary 2 years ago. I have 3 young daughters and I thought it would be great to have them grow up with some budgies. I have 20 adult birds in a 3m by 2m aviary. I put nesting boxes in the aviary and have been colony breeding over the past 6 months. My 6 year old has been very exited that her budgie (Sickie - that was what she wanted to call it) has successfully raised some babies. After reading some of the posts on here I am thinking that I need to move away from colony breeding and thats where I am up too now. My birds are pet type and allow me hours of enjoyment every week. Anyhow that is my story. Any advice and/or help will be greatly appreciated.
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