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  1. You should be very proud of your results, your've produced some beautiful birds JLee. Well Done!! Good Luck when you put them in your show. :)
  2. lol... I can relate. we have one gorgeous son plus about more!!!!! two dogs, one cat, three guinea pigs, and all the fish, budgies, cockatiels,finches, and quails. People think we are weird. But they are all our kids.... Luckily our son loves them all too.
  3. He has grown so big..... He's just gorgeous.... :wub:
  4. Glad to hear it's improved squeak. good news the teabag worked.... it's a great remedy to remember even if you or your family have sore eye's. cold tea is magic!!!!
  5. It should be obvious when they feather up. But hey, they are the famous last words aren't they. LOL...
  6. Well just an update from yesterday. I gave "Tiger" another top up, before bed as he didn't look really well fed still, but was still really fit and wriggly, then put him back in with the pair with eggs due... Well I checked first thing this morning, hoping he was going strong and found not 1, not 2, but 3 happy, healthy wriggling little pinkies. Two of the eggs had hatched overnight.. All 3 were very well fed.. In the end a perfect outcome. Thanks for the help... :D :D
  7. Glad I'm wrong in this case for you Sunnie. Looking forward to more photo's of the cutie... :)
  8. I really like your light green and grey cocks. Great pick up's, wishing you lots of sucess with them all..
  9. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but can't spangles get a white spangle spot also??? A spangle spot. lol. It doesn't mean they are pied or split pied. Either way he's a gorgeous bub Sunnie. I love grey's of any variety
  10. Just beautiful Sunnie. I've never been into fallows, but with chicks as adorable as this and all the other great looking fallows I've seen on the site lately I think I'm being swayed. :wub:
  11. He is soooooooooooooooooo cute :wub: What did you name him?
  12. Thanks so much for the advice. Well I took it from the nest of 7, and as mentioned it still hadn't been fed. So I gave him a feed as suggested with some watery hand rearing mix. He was a hungry little fella, so with me saying "settle down tiger, I'll fill you up" this little chick has earned the nickname Tiger. LOL. Here's some photo's. Well after this, I put him (I know it might be her) in the nest with eggs, and so far so good. Just checked again now, and he's going strong. doesn't appear to be well fed, but think she has given him some. I'll check again later tonight and if needed give him another top up before night fall. Thanks for the great advice, much appreciated. Keep your fingers crossed now, that he'll make it.
  13. Hi Lib, I'm no expert on this and having my own fostering issues. But I'm fairly sure the 3 week old chick is to old to add a foster with it, especially if their are no younger ones. I'm not sure what to suggest for you to help you getting the bub to eat more other than crop feeding, others will be able to assist I'm sure. Hopefullyone of the more experienced breeders will be on soon. As to why she stopped feeding, has she come out of condition?, Did the chicks seem healthy, maybe she sensed something was wrong? Also what about the cock? Is he not feeding them either? Fingers crossed for you that you can get it sorted, sorry to hear you have lost one chick already..
  14. Thanks for the quick reply:) . I thought I'd vaguely remembered reading something about soon to hatch eggs too, they would be the best option, as she only laid 4 eggs of which only two look fertile. i was thinking I could even transfer 1 or 2 from the large nest in with them also ?? I'll leave things as they are for now and wait for some more replys., I'll go and check again soon, to see if he's been fed yet.
  15. Hi, Just wanting some suggestions on the best option. I currently have a hen who already had 5 chicks, all well fed and going great. She has just had her 6th chick hatch (6 from 6, so yay), but it still hadn't been fed all morning and when I just checked it was pushed off to the side and was still unfed and very cold and I actually thought it had died. I cradled it in my hands as I've done before, and as it warmed up, it recommenced wiggling and had tiny chirps for food. so thats a good thing, but here's my issue. I didn't want to put it back in with her, if she's not feeding it, amongst 5 others, so my options are: 1/ Put it in with another pair, with 7 chicks already, but i've got concerns that they already have their hands full, they are great parents (for first timers). and I'm very confident it will get fed, but don't think it's a smart move to give them another mouth to feed. 2/ Put it in with another pair with no current chicks, but with eggs due to start hatching over the next few days? These are first timers too, so I'm don't know if she will be a good mum yet (she's red rung). Also would they feed it if they haven't hatched any? 3/ Get it fed from the pair with Chicks, then put it back in with its parents. If the pair with eggs, had chicks the decision would be easy to put it in with them, but in this situation I'm unsure. All my other pairs have only just commenced laying, so I have no other options.. I have currently put it in with the 7 chicks to try and get it fed, but will move it based on the advice I get here. Thanks:)
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