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  1. Hi My budgie is just under 6 months old and he flys into walls all the time. I have come back from holidays today (I have had people looking after him) and I see that just under the cere the beak is cracked. There is no sign of bleeding and he is eating, it just looks like a hairline fracture. I have taken is "hard" bell toy out of his cage so he may not damage it any further. If I leave him in the cage and only let him out when I am holding onto him will the beak grow back? I guess I am just worried that it will snap off.
  2. Hi There again I am not too sure if Billie and Gizmo seem to like each other much. Billie preens Gizmo as per my last pose "Budgie Love" however, Since we have got Gizmo, Billie has been sour and in sociable at times. Just lately she has started to play with her bell again but i am not too sure if she is settling in with the fact that there is another bird in her territory. I have just got her out of her cage and i have been talking to her and getting her to do fast step ups on my finger. After that she seems really energetic, inquisitive and tweeting! Does this just mean that she wants more attention from me? Alana Please have a look at the photos. Billie is the yellow one and Gizmo is the blue one. I would also like to know how old Billie is as i think that the pet shop told me the wrong information. http://s768.photobucket.com/albums/xx328/A...%20and%20Gizmo/
  3. Thanks heaps for your Help Kaz greatly appreciated!
  4. So does that mean that Billie is acting like a mother or a mate?
  5. here are clear photos of the two http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx328/A...mo/DSC01984.jpg http://s768.photobucket.com/albums/xx328/A...%20and%20Gizmo/
  6. http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx328/A...mo/DSC01984.jpg Billie is the yellow one and Gizmo is the blue one
  7. Yes I am looking at putting them in together. Just wondering if this is natural behaviour. Is Billie (12mth old ) mothering the 7week old or trying to make it her mate? I have a photo, how do I put this up on here for you too see?
  8. Hi There I have two budgies, Gizmo and Billie. Billie is 12 months old and only just recently discovered that he was actually a SHE! The colour on Billies' nose is tan around the holes and then a light blue. Where as we got a 7 week old budgie (Gizmo) last week and he is way more active than Billie and has a purple nose (inducating that he is going to grow up to be a boy). We have separate cages for them but they are seated side by side they are aloud out together but we have found that Gizmo follows Billie everywhere and They kiss and Billie prunes Gizmo. Does this mean that Billie wants some action from Gizmo even though he is still only a baby or acting like a mother figure?
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