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    Master's level social worker by profession; artist by choice.
    Gardening (compost gardner), have raised wildlings to be released back into the wild (birds of all kinds, and 1 coyote), have had budgies off/on since child and one tiel and one pinous parrot as an adult. I'm back to budgies now. :)

    By The Way...............I'M NOT A MALE! This site won't let me change this.
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  1. Stumbled across this article. For the past two years, I've been using a Full Spectrum Bulb that does emit UB as well as UA frequencies. http://www.funtimebirdy.com/feather-brite-15w-full-spectrum-bulb.html "FeatherBrite 15 watt full spectrum compact spiral fluorescent bulb, 5500k, 91cri, UVA 4%, UVB.05%. Guaranteed 8000 hours/one year. Standard socket base"
  2. eve

    I'm New As Well

    Thanks, birdlove. The forum seems a lot slower than it used to be.
  3. eve

    I'm New As Well

    I've been away from this forum for quite some time. I'm back now. Kaz was a remarkable administrator, so I'm glad to be back under her guidance. I know her to be a fair person. I now have 7 budgies: 3 hens and 4 males. I've had budgies off/on since childhood, but never a "flock" before. The flock part of my budgies history began in 2009 when my husband brought home a near dead approx. 5-wk old baby that he'd found in the countryside in the middle of a hot, sweltering summer, which had flown onto a fellow worker's boot (barely able to fly from being so weak). We named him LB (Lucky Boot). *shrug*......my husband's idea. Long story, short: He brought the baby home, and I worked with it to overcome his fear and poor health. He thrived, and within 3 mos was talking and finger tamed (but only inside the cage). I tried to coach him outside, but he just was too afraid. So.........I ended up rehoming 4 budgies that fall/winter to keep him company, buying as big a cage as I could find for them. Through the loss of one more male (Billyboy and my first "English" budgie) that I had rehomed to round out the male/female population, whom we dearly loved, I've rehomed 2 more males that I didn't want to separate. (The hens were fighting over the males.) We had Billyboy just a short time when he died. It broke both my husband/my hearts. He was so tame and loving. So, I've ended up with 7 budgies now, which is much different than a single bugie that flies free and think he's just a smaller member of the family. I have to now worry if one gets sick, that the others don't catch it. A completey different world. After Billyboy died, I broke down the entire cage, santitized it and the toys/perches, throwing some away. An autopsy showed that he died of a fatty liver, which then began my hunt to keep this from happening again. Glad to be back and looking forward to reading posts of the experts here. By The Way, as I've written on two posts so far...........I'm not male, but my profile won't let me show that.
  4. So sad. I actually prefer the greens. I think they have more personality and certainly more sturdy as there is less chance of having complications IMHO d/t not as much breeding mistakes. (I could be wrong.) Darn! My profile still shows me as a "male". Am I the only one having just the one smilie show up? (I'm an older member returning to post. Haven't been here since the upgrade.)
  5. eve


    I've been away from this forum for a while, but intend to be posting more often. I have plenty of questions. Regarding your post, I'm glad that there are people like you in this world to help these poor babies. That being said, it's horrible that any animal is being treated in this manner. I have made intereventions myself in "pet" stores when I see deplorable conditions such as water not being changed for days which was apparent from the color. I ragged on management until they changed it. Stupidity is abundant in this world. It's up to animal rights warriors to be on guard. Again, I'm glad you are in this world. By The Way, I'm not "male"........I've tried to change it, but it still appears as male. ??
  6. [Here one is now on eBay............a little different it looks like. Looks like it's gone up in price but free shipping. I researched these cages quite a bit before settling on this one. As I look at this one and the others available, I remember now why I settled on this one I did.: Two large doors to allow cleaning both top/bottom levels. I could create two different cages, or even three, if necessary. Large size to allow flight from side to side and back to front and wide enough to allow flight from lower levels to upper levels. Big enough for a natural branch to be put in vertically for a natural perch. (Fig branch from my back yard.........very hard wood) Mine has Food cups accessible from outside, including inside the doors, which gives multiple configurations for making food/water available. Looks like this one doesn't have the door feeder cup option, nor the ones in the front of the cage. Can't tell if they are accessible from the outside (which I think is very handy to keep the birds from getting excited when you change water/food. I think I had about nine altogether. Good sized storage underneath. Spacing of bars correct. Has both a tray for litter, and a wire grate, which allows one to stay in while the other is out being cleaned. It's extremely sturdy and easily assembled. http://compare.ebay....var=lv&var=sbar Gosh! Here's a double cage, but don't see any feeder openings. http://cgi.ebay.com/...B-/390293955754 At any rate, anyone shop on this site to find some very nice, but inexpensive cages, if you are careful. http://compare.ebay....var=lv&var=sbar And, here: http://compare.ebay.com/like/160629645184?var=lv&var=sbar
  7. Thanks! I got if from either Amazon.com or eBay. The store that was selling them had a bunch. I got mine for $149. It's actually a cage for rats or sugargliders..............there were 2 ladders from each section to the other for the rats to climb up. I just bought some perches to put in instead, and used one of the ladders as an extension across the cage in front of the cage from one wire perch on one side to the other wire perch on the other side. That's what the food dish I was using at the time is sitting on. The other wire ladder I used to widen the extension created by the first ladder extension across the front of the cage.. It's hard to see, but there is another perch where the second ladder goes up to the top section. I use that for a play station where the birds can rest their feet and where I put toys for them to play with, mirrors, etc. It's one of their favorite places to hang out...........there's almost always a group of 2-3 of them on it at a time. I think they just like the flat surfaces to stand on to rest their feet. They frequently just lay on their breast bone to rest their feet as well. It's been pretty handy. I bought it also in case I had to separate a bird from the group and could divide it into the two top sections as one part, and the lower section as another part. Or, even a nesting area if I needed it, which I don't as I desperately keep them on a 12-hr day/night schedule to keep the breeding season from hitting (long days, short nights = winter). YOu could google sugarglider cages and see what you come up with..........I haven't looked in a while. thanks for asking. Here's what the cage looked like when I ordered it
  8. Thank you both so much for answering! I've checked on another forum on which I post and found out that it's somewhat common. Even found a picture of it from another poster that looks just like my hen's beak. Same place, same size.. So, the problem is solved. thanks again.
  9. Great news! Say, Daz, could you reply to my post about my young adult female's beak turning black as when budgies are babies? Great news! Say, Daz, could you reply to my post about my young adult female's beak turning black as when budgies are babies? okay, after your response I looked at him more closely and noticed that he's also a pied. Good news, as well. That makes two male pieds I have ( one violet and one mauve). Two of the females are opalines (one blue-green; the other more green), and one female is a cinnamon green. And, just one little everyday green male, sweet as can be and more than little randy. The 4 green ones were all someone's babies before they were combined together......one female and the little green male are tame and respond wwell to humans. The little green male was also finger-tamed when I got him. I'm glad that I was able to give them a good home: large cage and good food.The cage the four was in when I rehomed them was way too small (not even half the size of the top third of this cage). They could only climb or jump between the two horizontal perches. No flight area at all! This picture was taken before I rehomed the two male show budgies in February this year. Of course, more toys and 6 swings, natural and rope perches replacing the wooden dowels, etc. have been added since this picture was taken.
  10. Guess I've been calling my birds by the wrong name, as well. I have two large "show " (cobolt blue and greyish blue) huge budgies that weigh about 60 gms. each, and the other 5 are smaller ones weighing about half that......."pet" budgies? (4 green variations and one violet pied).
  11. This is a curious thing that I've never seen before. She's a member of a flock of 7 rehomed budgies that I've put together in the last two years (to give company to a young budgie that we rescued and was too terrified to leave his cage). About 18 mos old to 2 yrs? When I first got her, her crown was just above her beak so I know that she was 6mos or less when I got her...........the same age as my orphan budgie by that time. And, his greatest love since. The only one that wouldn't try to bite his toes when I first introduced him. At any rate, I've noticed that the tip of her beak on one side is turning black as it looks when a budgie is a baby. there's not anything that's black that she's been chewing on. Their diet is sprouted seeds/lentils fed daily, along with egg food (daily), and Herb Salad (daily), along with seed. Supplant with natural dandelion leaves and grass in the summer, and basil that i grow myself year round. Grated carrots, broccoli, etc. on occasion. Has anyone had this situation before? Sorry, I think the image may be too large.??
  12. Good for you!!!! I was holding my breath that you might be tempted to take the little guy back. Reward him with millet spray when he gets on your hand, along with kind words. You've come quite a bit down the road to have finger-tamed him. I don't think a mirror would distract him...........unless that's the only companionship he gets. If you keep up the daily routine of finger taming, rewarding with millet, talking to him with soft words and telling him he's "a good boy" and such, he'll continue to respond to that. He may not understand the words, but he'll understand your body language and tone of voice and will respond to that. Although, budgies can eventually be taught a connection between words and actions and objects.....just like a dog can. If you let him out and he knows what millet spray is.........and that's the only time he gets it......while on your finger, he'll let you come up to him and take him back on your finger to take him back to his cage. If he does not want in at that time, and if you can watch him until he goes back into his cage, just leave him out and watch him. If you want him to go into the cage because you don't have the time to watch him, then ........close the curtains, turn out the light, etc. to make the room dark. He'll return to his cage for safety (keep it lit......with a small night light. You'll eventually need one of these to keep night frights down anyway.) A budgie shouldn't be allowed to roam outside ever without some supervision. They can get into so much trouble and find things you never knew existed before they chewed a hole in it or fell into it. If he's in a room you don't like, make it dark and light up the room where his cage is. He'll go there. These are just the things that have worked for me. Some others may have other answers. Also, if you put his cage near to where you are the majority of time (say right next to where you are now if you spend a lot of time on your computer), he'll eventually join you. You can keep millet handy to reward him when he does. Then.............you're in trouble.......you're going to have him typing your messages, reading your books, drinking your tea, and eating your supper. All wonderful problems from being a budgie's friend. EDIT: By The Way, if you want to further increase his comfort level with you at any time, make clucking sounds (putting your tongue against the back of your teeth and clucking), closing your eyes and opening them, and by squinting and winking at him. You'll see him return this behavior to you. Winking and closing your eyes is a budgie signal that your are comfortable with him, and most importantly are not threat to him. He'll wink back at you, and either get all fluffed up, stand one one foot, or sometimes start preening . Preening is another budgie signal that he has nothing against you. Try it. It works!
  13. I find it fascinating about the different seasons around the world. Here in the U.S. it's May and about the middle of Spring here (middle of March, April, May to middle of June). ...........so May is the end of the Fall season there? So strange, but fascinating.
  14. If you are out of the house most of the days, yes it probs would be best to get your budgie a companion. Or, play music or the TV....they like the noise and quick action and changes of scenes of cartoons....... where he can hear the noise and be entertained while you are gone, and then spend quality time with him EVERY evening (talking to him, reading to him..........yes, they love to be read to.......singing to him.........they also absolutely love this, giving him time outside the cage with toys on the outside to play with and reward him with millet spray. Make sure thought the house is safe, meaning no open water such as toilets, dishes standing in water, no pets in the house while he is out, limit his freedom to places where you are and can see what he's doing, etc. More or less treat him with the same consideration and love as you would a young child of yours. Budgies have the intelligence level of a 2-3y/o. )Another male would be best unless you want to run the risk of havin the patter of little feet soon. that's something I'm personally not equipped to do as I don't want to spend the time in dealing with the risks of having babies: eggbound females, babies not being fed properly, being crushed in the nestbox, etc. Two males also would be more compatible, IMHO, than a male and female as the female would be the dominate one and not very kind about it sometimes. They can be vicious at times......it's in their genes as they are the ones that are primarily the guardian of eggs and babies.
  15. If you notice budgie behavior, they can be best friends with one budgie one day, and the next day, running that very same budgie off the perch. Four months is still a young budgie. Not sure that you can "train" a budgie in that length of time to do anything, so I doubt that you've been "giving in too much." He may just have that type personality. Are you sure he's a male? It's usually hard to tell until after the first molt. You may have a little hen on your hand. They are sweet, but temperamental. Very! But, I love them to death. you can train a budgie in two weeks two fly to you you just need to know how so yes you can tame a budgie alot in 4 months a very lot with all the techniques*mind gone blank cant spell it* breeders are using these days seems like you can get them tame in under a month it really depends on the bird houman i choose some and others they choose me so its easyer if the bird chooses to be friendly to begin with i got one now i tamed for someone but they never got back to me its a hen she just loves company and always wants to sit on my sholder when i feed everyone else so i take her out cage and let her its her treat i never tryed to tame her she tamed herself So, what's the technique?
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