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  1. Hello everyone! Well, I GOT ANOTHER BUDGIE!!!! He is adorable! His name is Kloudy. He is meant to be a show bird, but I retired him. He is tame, as well! (apparantly) But I don't know how old he is. I got him from a petshop that is very clean and most of the budgies, including Kloudy, were tame! He is currently in quarantine. Here he is: http://i795.photobucket.com/albums/yy239/B...igarluv/027.jpg
  2. Yes, quarantine I will be doing. :question: I have saved up about one hundred dollars for the quarantine cage and the budgie. :mallet:
  3. Thank you! Is the skin actually good for them! :mallet: I didn't know that. I thought it was bad for them. :question: The skin of all vegetables has the vitamins in it. Its even good for us. No need to peel it off and throw it in the bin. The budgies need it all I will keep the skin on from now on, then.
  4. Hello everyone! I have the most best news! I AM GETTING ANOTHER BUDGIE! My parents finally agreed with the help of dads girlfriend! (Thank you so much!) We are going to a very clean pet shop where all the budgies are absolutly gorgeous and they are very healthy, too! They have almost one budgie of every colour, too! :question: But I would like your help to a few questions. Should I get a girl or another boy? I haven't ever had a girl budgie so I would like to mix it up a bit, but I'm not sure. (Kipper and Kiddles are both males.) And, what mutation should I get? This is the thing that I don't really mind about, as I'm not that type of person that cares about what's on the outside of something, I care about what is on the inside. Isn't this terrific news!? :mallet:
  5. Gorgeous budgies! :question: I love Melon! :mallet:
  6. I hope Bluie is found. It has been very cold at night lately, so I hope he is okay.
  7. Thank you! Is the skin actually good for them! I didn't know that. I thought it was bad for them.
  8. Many budgie owners find it hard to get enough vegetables into their budgies' diet. Here I have made a salad for Kipper and Kiddles and they loved it! So, I thought I may share it with you. I didn't just get veggies, clean them and put them in, I did it in a way so that the birds will eat all of it and not leave bits out. Anyway, here is the recipe. INGREDENTS: Broccoli Cucumber Apple Carrot Spinach You can add in extras if you want, but I didn't have much veggies in the fridge, so I didn't use much. MATERIALS: Knives Bowl Budgie food cup Cutting board Grater METHOD: 1. Gather all of your ingredients and wash them thoughly. Also make sure they are fresh and that budgies can eat them. Please DO NOT use avocados, chocolate or alcohol. These are bad for budgies and can make them very sick. 2. Get your broccoli and scrape the seed type bits off the top. And put them in the bowl. So far, it should be looking a bit like this. More budgies won't eat the other bit (sorry, don't know what it is called ) So throw it in the bin. Unless, of course, you find it useful for something else. 3. Next, get your carrot and grate the outer skin off. The inside is the bit that you want. When the outer skin is off, start grating the inside into the bowl. It should now start to look a bit like this. 4. Here is the easiest bit of all! Just grab some spinach leaves and rip them up! However, don't put in too many spinach leaves as the result may end up being diareah. Here is what it should look like now. 5. Now we move onto the cucumber. This is the bit which probably is going to take up the most time. To start with, though, chop off the end bit. Then get the grater and grate all of the skin off. Like this. Then, chop up the cucumber into cubes. A bit like this. Throw the outer skin in the bin. 6. Here is the last bit. As a finishing touch, get an apple and chop a slice up into cubes. The rest of it is for you! Unless you have an avairy. By now, it should look a little something like this. And don't forget to mix it up! 7. Serve! And your done! Hope your budgies like it!
  9. Hello, everyone! Here are my cats! Here is my Moggie cat, Jasper! He was a bit sleepy! Oh, look! He is sleepy again! He just finnished grooming himself in this one! My other bombay cat, Ruby. Her as a kitten. So cute! She was getting annoyed at me taking her photo. She wanted to go outside! lol Love this picture. And a bonus video of Jasper!
  10. I managed to tame Kipper and Kiddles with them together, but it took quite a long time.
  11. Oh no! I am so sorry that this happened. I hope Buddy gets a lot better soon.
  12. Perth is a big place. I also live in Perth but I live in a suburb of Perth. I am sure your friend doesnt live in the city of Perth so which suburb ? If you say we can help be on the lookout for this lost bird. No, he doesn't live in the city of Perth. He lives somewhere around Armadale or something.
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