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  1. Never heard of a Bourke's parrot before...but googled it and looks like you have provided an answer! Thanks
  2. mmm so seems to be the general consensus, however how do you explain the pictures...and that I saw these little babies. They were young ones, so maybe they will lose their pink as they get older....but that still doesn't explain something that shouldn't exist in their genetics!
  3. Pink & Blue Budgie Pink & White Budgie Hi, recently I was visiting my grandmother in Qld and spotted the a couple of budgies in the community aviary. I took a few pictures, as I had never seen one before. I bred budgies when I was a child and hadn't come across a pink budgie before. Now I am trying to find out if it is unusual...and it appears that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a budgie to be pink. If so, how does one explain these two birds. There are at least 7 other birds in the aviary, none of whom are pink, so it isn't food related. I doubt any of the oldies have been slipping the birds some food dye or minerals! Any thoughts on this one would be greatly appreciated! I have added pictures above....they aren't great but you get the idea. You can really see the pink in their feathers. Cheers
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