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  1. im sorry but did he take any crop wash or poo samples giving a gerneric brand of anti bods is really basiclly stupid he could have killed him unless he knew what he was dealing with and as for commenting on the other bird being good friends again dumb he should have told you to seperate birds till the other was well if he is sick if the generic anti bods are just to generic so to speak then he may missed the whole illness and he couldbe passing it to your other bird im not thinking that vet was very good sorry, i meant it might be genetic for lazlo. not generic... wrong spelling sorry.
  2. okay ,just took him to the vet, and he seemed very puzzled.he really wasn't sure what was wrong with him...he said if it were a disease of virus, it would have spread to my female budgie.he said that birds can hide illness very well. {just as Ratzy said}it may be something generic.they gave him a shot of antibiotics which should give him a nice kick.he has also lost a lot of weight and muscle around his breast bone.it was very funny, we bought Gelato out of the cage and put her on the bench, so then she ran and jumped on to the vet's hand, and started to attack him with her razor sharp beak!hahahaha!then we put them on top of their cage, and she started to regurgitate food and put it in Lazlo's beak!the vets said that they are very good friends and they care for one another.he said that some birds dont make it, but others do, depending on how long they have been sick.so again, fingers crossed! thanks for the advice :happy-dancing: and i will keep you updated. sorry, just a Maesie said
  3. my male budgie Lazlo, hasn't been very active, or lively at the moment. he has been really puffy for the last couple of days, and he is sort of slouching over. he also has a big bald spot on his behind, and is breathing quite heavily. does anyone has some advice about dealing with him? we thought if he doesnt get better in the next day or two, we will take him to the avian hospital. i just hope he is alright, and he gets better! fingers crossed! Isabella Hills
  4. hi there! i am moving at the end of the year, and to get there by car, it is about 8 hours. we just cant leave our birds behind. they are to special! how can we get them there? maybe we could just get like a box or something like that. any ideas?
  5. If i clip my budgies flight wings, will they grow back? i have been trying to train them, but the fly all around, and dont come near me. i have been trying to tame them for nearlly 4months now, and they still are terrified! Help!
  6. wow they look awesome! i might try and make one!
  7. actually its 45 cm across the front, 35cm across the side, and 70 cm in height. sorry wrong measurement.
  8. i have 2 budgies in there, but it was the 2nd biggest cage i could get. but most of the time their out, flying in the room.
  9. my budgie cage is about 65 cm in height and 35 cm in length. How many could i fit? :budgiedance: IMG_0291.jpg
  10. my budgie cage is 65 cm in height and 40 cm in length, is that a suitable cage for a budgie? :budgiedance:
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