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  1. It's recently occurred to me that one of my budgies may be significantly older than my other birds. I was just wondering if there's anyway to sort of tell? About a year ago, I had another budgie that developed a tumor in it's chest area, I'm not sure the type of tumor or anything, but it made him lose a lot of weight and would have just died a painful and slow death, had I not brought him to my very amazing avian vet. The very nice doctor informed me that he was well over 10 years old, being that it's a tumor young budgies never get, and she said she could tell he was older by looking into his eyes, anyway, I was wondering if there's anything like that to maybe help me determine the approximate age of this particular budgie. I ask because it was a rescue from an old lady who died, but no one has any idea how long she had her. I'm going on 4 years with her, and she still enters breeding condition regularly (the brown flakey cere, right?), but she's never laid any eggs for me, anyway, I just woke up today concerned. Aside from my self, I have a love bird whose very attached to this particular budgie.
  2. That is a statement for feeding budgies pellets... otherwise known as being pro pellets. I don't think being "pro pellet's" is a bad thing, opinions are there for everyone to have. I've heard people turn around and say, "I've never seen a budgie in the wild eat pellets. I'm pretty sure they live on a mostly seed diet." Hard to argue against that logic... Doesn't mean I don't though Was going to say the same thing Jimmy, sounds like Roller is doing a great job. Well, in reality, they don't.. They eat all sorts of things, completing the diet, because seeds alone do not complete a diet, even with vegetables and fruits. It's impossible to mimic their wild diet. Birds that eat mostly seeds have beaks designed to make eating seeds easier, (see finches). Budgies (and the likes) wouldn't need a "parrot beak" if they just ate seeds. If you use an organic (like harrisons) pellet, a lot of the things, you'll find, are found in the wild, where lots of commonly kept parrots live. Please don't take this the wrong way, by the way, because I do think you've made a great improvement that I know the birds appreciate, and are doing a very nice job. I suppose I am pro-pellet, or at least Pro Pellet as opposed to seed, but with good reason, one of which being an immediate (A few weeks) improvement with all 17 of my various small parrots, 5 being budgies. I've noticed just so much by switching from a multi-seed (no sunflower/safflower) diet to Harrisons pellets including color/behavior/energy levels and feather health, based on my own observation and tests from my local avian vet.
  3. I wouldn't say 'pro pellet', but there's undeniable proof of it's benefits when being fed a good pellet.
  4. I'm curious, what exactly is this 'new and improved' diet? Could you possibly tell us the old diet too? The birds were just being fed a plain seed mix from Walmart. After reading on this forum about combining different typs seeds for a better mix I have done that. I also added leefy veggies (greens) and mixed veggies and fruits. I also cooked up some Bird Bread with different oils veggies and fruits mixed in it...( recipe from this forum ) and I am giving them a 30% protine turkey crumbles NO MEDS in it..They love that stuff.. And they now get bottled water...I also have 2 eggs now and she is setting on them.. I am also giving them some egg mixture that I got at Petsmart... I see. That's certainly an improvement, however, I'd highly recommend switching away from seeds and to a good pellet brand such as Harrisons, www.harrisonsbirdfoods.com. The problem with a multi-seed diet, aside from it being incomplete, is that birds, Especially budgies, will often just pick out their favorite seeds and disregard the rest. Your conversion to bottled water is little to no difference, as opposed to regular tap water, but it doesn't hurt. You may, however, find an increase of algae or that green slime growing because of the lack of chlorine/chlormine in the bottled water, just make sure you wash it very well. Good luck, anyway~
  5. I'm curious, what exactly is this 'new and improved' diet? Could you possibly tell us the old diet too?
  6. It's not true that budgies can't be paired with lovebirds, but I do agree it is risky and shouldn't be done. I have an aviary with 5 cockatiels, 3 lovebirds and 6 budgies. One of my lovebirds is actually so bonded to a female budgie, they try to mate. In your case, the budgie shouldn't be with the lovebird. I'm not sure how helpful my post was, but I just thought i'd point out that it's possible. Oh, if anyone was wondering, 3 years; 3 years together.
  7. KAZ, I think you're absolutely right. Hearing it from someone else just makes so much sense, a plant really would have no chance at all.. Hmm.. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. I think I'll go ahead and buy a nice eucalyptus tree and try to plant it, if I'm successful with that, I'll be able to trim the branches for my birds.
  8. Here in florida, at least where I live, not many people grow much of anything at all, infact, no one does.. I was using Eucalyptus as an example, is there any other plants that you can recommend would be better?
  9. Okay, well, I have a big aviary in my house, it neatly accommodates 6 budgies, two lovebirds, (One who thinks hes a budgie) 3 Cockatiels and 5 Zebra Finches, Yes, I know, its a weird combination but everything works out, It's been nearly a year without a single injury to any animal, anyways, I want to put a nice tree that's about 6/7 feet high in it, see, my budgies and one of my lovebirds love to chew things up, and my cockatiels and finchies like to play with tree leaves, so i figured it'd be cool to have one in there. My question to you: Whats a good tree/plant that will do well with the constant chewing? I don't mind having to replace it ever so often, also, keep in mind that during the day they're usually flying around out side of the cage so the chewing wont be as much during that period. I was thinking a nice big eucalyptus tree, but I don't know if I can get those that big where I live (Florida). Anyways, any information anyone can provide such as experiences with certain plants would be great.
  10. What a beautiful bird. It's so nice to see happy birds. But I have a question, Is there something wrong with her beak? Scaly face mites? I'm not too experienced, but.. I Don't think that's right? I don't mean her cere.. Her beak.
  11. Sean

    Advice, Please?

    I recently bought a Eucalyptus tree, it's still small and in a pot, but, I want to grow it as I hear multiple parts of the plant are very beneficial to birds.. My question is, how should I be raising this plant? Are fertilizers okay? Which ones should I use, I.E. Water soluble or ones that you put in the ground. Should I keep it as an indoor plant, in a pot, or plant it out side? I want to grow it to be a nice plant to have, as well as a plant that will benefit my birds more than me. Any other information would be extremely appreciated. P.S. I live in florida, so I don't know exactly if they can grow well out side. It took several months for my local plant store to get a hold of the plant, I don't want it to die.
  12. Okay, so, I took all of my budgies in today to my local vet, which happens to have a bird specialist. She confirmed the scaly face mites problem, and gave them a shot in the muscle to the right of the chest bone, the shot was ?Ivermectin? I'm not sure if I spelled it right, but, it was .001%. Anyways, I informed her of the seed-based diet, a long with all kinds of daily fruits, vegetables, and an occasional hard-boiled egg, and she told me that the seeds are very fatty and should only be used as a treat.. She then went on to tell me about a "Budgie-specific Pellet diet" That the budgies should be on as their normal food.. I've read so many things about pellets vs seeds.. I thought that using only one of them is bad? Why would she recommend to switch to a pellet diet?
  13. Is this condition contagious?
  14. From the vet? Sounds expensive, but, the animals come first. So, Is it a boy or girl? Also, How serious is this? Is it life threatening?
  15. First things first, Male or female? Second, I do not know what that black spot on his beak is, it's off now, but, I would like to know why his beak is so.. bothered? It was like that when I got him/her, his feet look similar, (Roughness and flaky), I thought it would clear up, but, it hasn't.. I have 4 other budgies and none of their ceres or feet are like his, help would be really appreciated.
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