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  1. Hi everyone, haven't been on here for a while but I've returned with some pics of a pet budgie I hope to pair up so that hopefully someone give me some advice on what to pair him with.

    A while back I posted a topic trying to find out exactly what mutation he was thinking he was a "Lutino Lacewing" (I've learned a bit since then :P), but I had a couple of responses suggesting opaline fallow. - http://forums.budgie...1329&hl=joachim

    In any case, he's turned out to be a very nice looking budgie, all yellow with nice markings on the back and a bright blue-green tail. Anyway, at 1 and a half years old, I'm starting to think about pairing him up with a female and trying to get some babies that will look similar.

    Some background information:

    His parents turned out to be a bit of a genetic mess having both lutino and albino offspring as well as normal greens and this guy. His mother was a lacewing and father a "normal green" obviously split to blue, as was mum. There are pics of the parents and the siblings in the link I added above if that's any help.

    So my question is, what should I pair with this male budgie in order to produce offspring that will be phenotypically similar? I would love to have some more pet budgies that look similar to the guy below.








    Any advice would be appreciated!



  2. My only pair of budgies (normal green cock, lutino lacewing hen) recently hatched five chicks which are now fully fledged. Among them are two white albino, one normal green, a lutino and a lutino lacewing with a bright green/grey tail. I was surprised I even got any albinos and excited to get a lacewing, especially with the green tail. I have two questions. The first is that I would like to know what the genetic makeup of the parents might be in order to achieve these offspring. And secondly, is the green tail common in lacewings? Will it just moult out eventually? I have included some pictures of the parents and babies to show you :)





    Baby lacewing




    Baby lacewing



    Baby lacewing




    Baby lacewing and Baby albino



    Baby Lutino



    Baby Green



    Mum, Dad and lutino baby



    Baby lacewing side view

  3. That's too bad :( I thought I'd seen one before in a book but maybe it was just a predominantly yellow bird of another mutation.



    I just went and looked in the book and I think the bird is actually a male grey green clearwing where the distinction between it's mask and body is subtle. Also being a clearwing it has no spots on the mask as I'd thought, just the cheek patches.

  4. Recently I've had my first baby to a maiden pair and it's growing nicely :) There were two eggs, both fertile but only one hatched. The green cock and lacewing hen have produced a lutino, lacewing (I think?) baby which surprised me because I thought the cock was homozygous green, obviously not :P My sister has claimed the little baby as her pet because it hatched on the 24th of october, her birthday. Anyway, here are some photos of mum and dad as well as the little baby so far. I've tried to include some good photos of the cere so that maybe someone could determine the sex for me. Though I understand it's harder with lutinos.


    mumanddadagain.jpg Mum and dad, cock normal green, must be split for lutino. And the hen, a lacewing.


    cereyoung9days.jpg 9 days old. I read somewhere, probably on this forum, that it's easier to determine the sex at this age but this is the best photo I have around this age.


    cereagain13days.jpg 13 days old.


    cere320days.jpg This morning.


    cere120days.jpg Another photo of the cere.


    babybudgie.jpg Again this morning, he's just starting to make noises like the mum.


    Hopefully someone can tell me what sex the baby is, my sister is hoping for a girl and I'm hoping for a boy so either way would make someone happy ^_^


    Thanks for reading,



  5. It's just a regular budgie mix I'm pretty sure, mostly millet, nothing too big and also the grass seeds. But the female seems very ungrateful whenever the male feeds her, he regurigitates to her and as soon as he's done she screams at him to go away.

  6. Thanks for the quick reply :)

    I didn't think to put seed in the box, I'll do that first thing tomorrow. I'll also try and give her a bit of a check up tomorrow if she'll put up with me for long enough she's a really grumpy bird!


    Thanks for the suggestions :blink:

  7. This is my first time ever breeding budgies and I was hoping I could get a little help. Neither the male, 1 and a bit years old, or the female, 2 and a bit years old have ever bred before. I've seen them mating twice and a few days ago the hen layed one egg and then another the next day. She started incubating full time in the box after the first egg and now after four days without an egg I think she's stopped at two. Neither of the eggs appear fertile (they're sort of pale and almost opaque, not glossy or white) but I have not candled them.

    However, my concern is that the hen seems to have dropped to half her size, she's normally quite fat. She appears not to be eating on her own, rather allowing the male to take over feeding entirely, which he seems to do a good job of. They get dry seed, soaked seed, fresh grass seed and have plenty of water all the time. I'd just like to know if I should be concerned about this and if there is anything I can do in this situation.


    Thanks in advance,



  8. Thankyou both. There is a breeding box and the hen goes in sometimes but usually only to get away from me when I change the water. The male then jumps up and stands outside the box protecting her. They do get some greens, carrot and lots of fresh grass seed when I go to school and they both seem to enjoy that. There are some toys they have too which the female has no interest in but the male seems to be more interested in the toys than in her :s they I also let them out when I get home from school but the female usually preffers the safety of her cage. I'll buy them a seed bell when I get around to it and see if they focus their energies into that. Calcium supplements might be the way to go if they continue at this rate.

    Thanks :angry:

  9. My female and male budgie have been together for over two weeks now and have had the same cuttlebone the whole time. in the last three or four days they have totally destroyed it! I don't know whether the male or female is doing the work since it only seems to happen while I'm at school. They've nibbled a huge hole right through the middle and just let the hundreds of little pieces fall to the cage floor, they don't seem to be ingesting much. Is this a normal behavior or is something wrong? Are they bored?


    Thanks, Joachim.

  10. I have a separate quarantine cage for the lacewing now. It's not half as big as the cage she will eventually share with the male but it is temporary after all. The cages were sitting next to each other and both budgies jumped up onto the side of the cages next to each other. It was really cute. ;) I suppose The cages can't remain next to each other though because that would defeat the purpose of quarantine. Is it alright to leave the nest box attatched to the cage with just the male?

    You can probably tell that this is my first time attempting to breed budgies :)


    Also, sorry to be asking so many questions but about the leg ring, it has these letters and numbers: (Some letters and numbers are placed vertically) (vertical) SA ROB (vertical) X8 083


    Does anyone know what they mean? I live in Adelaide which probably accounts for the SA but I don't get the rest.

  11. The guy just left me to have a look at all the budgies on display. I told the guy that I was looking for a female mate for my Budgie Boy. He just reminded me to look for one with a brown cere. I chose this one and he grabbed it and said "Nice variety this one, a fallow." He didn't argue that it wasn't a female or anything. I stupidly didn't think to ask her age.

    These are the best photos I could get of her cere. The photo doesn't give a clear indication of the texture. It's sort of weet-bix textured and coloured. I'm not trying to convince myself that it's female, I would like your opinion. The texture was what lead me to believe it was female. My males blue cere is much smoother. She has been sticking her head in the nest box a little and then the male follows to sort of look at the nest box too. She has only been home 1 day.

    Sorry about the double post :P


    It looks kind of pink in the photos but as I said it is more a weet-bix colour. Also, when I look at the eye more closely it's not very red. Thankyou both for your answers.




    P.S Maybe there is something on her leg rig that could tell me if she is female? I read somewhere that sometimes the leg ring is put onthe left or right foot depending on the sex. Is there any truth in this? Does colour mean anything? it's black.

  12. I recently bought a new female budgie for my normal green Budgie Boy. She is fully yellow with very faint golden brownish markings on her back. They are regular budgie markings aside their colour and faintness. She has white cheek patches,white primary flight feathers but yellow secondary flights and wing coverts. She also has a red eye. I bought her from an aviary place with many different parrot species. The operator of the aviaries said she was a fallow but he didn't breed the budgies and the place didn't specialise in budgies by any means. From other fallows I have seen it doesn't look like the wing markings are dark enough or clear enough to be a fallow. I did some research on the internet and thought that she looked more like a lacewing than a fallow. Perhaps she is just a fallow with poor quality markings. I don't know her age except that she is mature. I also have no idea what her parents were so any of your expert opinions based on this limited information would be greatly appreciated.




    View of her back



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