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  1. Yeah it does sound like you're preaching. Oh well. I guess I will just accept it with humbleness. Sorry, I should have been more thorough with my description of their behaviour - when not having his tail pulled and twisted Pretty Boy would snuggle up to Charka and they would also play with their toys together for hours. PB would strut in front of C like he was showing off, and follow C around like he wanted a kiss. When she would stop for him, he would gently nuzzle her and bob his head up and down against her cheek. That was why I said that he didn't seem to mind, he seemed content (except for the tail pulling) but given what happened, I wonder now if he truly was. If he had been scared of her and constantly staying away from her then I definitely would have split them permanently. I don't know for sure if he "secretly hated her", that was only my thought after he made his big escape. I am always careful with the doors, and in the blink of an eye he was out. It reminded me of a planned gaol escape... had he been watching for a weakness in my routine? I apologise for "putting people emotions & feelings on to other species" but sometimes it is difficult for me to describe without using the analogies. Thanks Finnie. Yep, you're right.. Charka is still alone and will remain a solitary bird.. She comes inside for a few hours every day (her cage is just out on the verandah) and to all appearances she seems quite happy with this arrangement. She still has little mini fits of aggression, but only towards me now. She is 95% well behaved, sits on my shoulder happily nibbling at my earrings or my hair, or wandering around on my desk playing with bits and pieces - but just every so often (that remaining 5%) she has a momentary hissy fit and bites hard, flaps her wings and screeches at me. As soon as it's passed (and it's over in seconds) she goes back to nuzzling and being a sweetie like nothing happened. I'm guessing it's just an attention thing, but I can put up with it as she's so good the rest of the time.
  2. Great info KAZ. Will they kill for any other reason? (other than over nest boxes) We had Charka (F) and Pretty Boy (M) together but Charka was pretty aggressive towards PB and would twist his tail and pull on it til it looked quite mangled. He didn't seem to mind too much but I think he must have secretly hated her because one day when I was changing the feed dish he darted out and flew as far as he could. We found him dead (probably from exhaustion) 2km away across the paddock at the neighbours house. Anyway, we joked that she was a ***** and must have been a pain to live with. Charka seemed pretty happy after he was gone.. more content but then became lonely and withdrawn.. so jump forward a few months and we bought Charka a little pal for company. They were very happy together (although she did take to pulling and twisting his tail a lot) until one day about 6mths later we found the younger one dead. He was found at the bottom of the cage with basically the budgie-kill description you gave. We feel pretty sure she was to blame but not sure why. She now lives alone.
  3. Bea, I just love, love, love your baby disco..!!! Can I please ask what size wiffle ball you used? I've been looking around in stores since I first saw this post, and have come to the realisation that I'm going to have to order the bits and pieces online (most likely from My Parrot Shop too) but had a look and discovered that these wiffle balls come in different sizes! Any help would be much appreciated. After a long couple of months, my 2 are finally in the last few days, starting to play with the toys I've been buying for them - yay! But I really would love to just make them something. Ta
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Dave.
  5. What a brilliant trap! Is it big enough to trap rats too, or just mice? Will have to check out Bunnings when I'm over that way next. Ta
  6. Wow the prices really vary a lot don't they. I rang my local vet the other day to ask about a wing clip and a health check and was told $25.80 per bird, so I'm thinking that's pretty good now after reading this thread! They said the health check though is just to check over the bird and look at skin and feathers etc - no mention of any tests, so probably be extra $$'s for those if they're required. Been reading through the forum on the for's and against's of wing clipping and finally decided that it's probably the way to go for my two. Just have to make the appointment now.
  7. Yep, you can see the chain in the picture I posted in this thread ---> http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index....showtopic=28187 The front chunky toy was also another 'best seller' the pet store told me about.. and another one my birds don't give two hoots about. To be honest, I'm still trying to figure out what my birds like... I've even got a little bowl sitting in there with a few bits of brightly coloured bits and pieces - beads, coloured chunky plastic things, even some shredded paper - yet they're not even interested in looking through those either. They're happy just warbling away to eachother, eating, sleeping and tearing apart gum leaves. Oh and they quite like their swing, I'd forgotten about that.
  8. ellmak


    He looks like a lovely little fellow. Very cute!
  9. Those toys look fantastic ultrav0x. I'm slowly getting some great ideas and quickly realising I don't have to spend the big $$'s on pet shop toys. Some of their prices are pretty steep. I've bought a few things now that my budgies aren't really interested in - the only thing they seem to tolerate is their ladder (and only one of them will go near it). The pet store told me that budgies absolutely love those long coloured chunky plastic link chains - yet my two hate it and won't go near it. The only interraction is to quickly flick it out of the way in disgust if it accidentally gets in their way. But on the whole they completely avoid it along with the rest of the toys in their cage. Think I paid about $14 for the silly plastic chain.
  10. Oh they're so lovely. I love the greens! How about naming them after the 7 dwarves?
  11. ellmak

    Ants !

    I had no idea ants could eat baby birds! Will they have a go at the older birds too? Ugh, I hate ants at the best of times.
  12. Thanks for the encouragement Finnie! I will keep at the key phrase. I know it will take a long time, and probably even longer since there are two - I just wish my male wasn't so standoff-ish. In the week that he lived by himself he would hop onto my finger 7 times out of 10 which I thought was great, but since Charka moved in, it's more like 1 time in 10 that he'll let step up onto my finger. But he does mumble quite a bit, so I guess perserverance is the key. Thanks GenericBlue! I will definitely keep you in mind if, or probably when, I get stuck on something. Thanks Amy - it's like the book you can't put down!!! It's sooooo addictive! :rofl:
  13. Thanks defieldsfamily. :rofl: Great questions!! I've still got an awful lot to learn as well, so I'm also very interested to know the answers.
  14. Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone, it's much appreciated. They really took to their new home straight away, not the slightest bit scared or unsure at all, which was great! Plus I'm feeling a lot happier about it too. Thanks maesie. I've angled the perches across so that the birds can't sit directly above their feed or water dishes, was that what you mean't by putting them just on from the edge? I'm thinking of getting a couple of nice stainless steel feeder bowls though that I can re-position them anywhere and not have to have the feeders at those little doors either side. Are there any concerns over stainless steel V's plastic feeders? :rofl: Oh that didn't even occur to me! That's great advice, thanks so much Catherine.
  15. Thanks ultravox. I'm in a small town in rural Victoria and I bought the cage at our little local garden centre - they don't have a huge bird section but they do stock a few cages and sell birds on consignment for people. The cage was originally $70 but because I wanted one straight away and couldn't wait til they went to Melb next week to get more stock, I got one that they had put together last week to house a bird they were holding for someone. So the cage is effectively brand new (okay a week old, and only used for a couple of days) but since it was technically 'used' they took off $10 for me. I did use a disinfectant on it just to make sure it was clean though. Oh and I took out the long length-ways perches it came with and used the old shorter ones from their little cage - just incase the longer perches were somehow 'dirty'.
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