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  1. Most likely coccidiosis . the second bird probably infected the first one ,
  2. get rid of the tnb, looks like a hen , the blue is a boy .
  3. strange question , wouldn't u hav a cage first , 2 foot by 2foot will do
  4. you will b waitn a long time , daz hasn't been here since 2014 , and I doubt he has birds still . I could be wrong , all the best
  5. Well it doesnt matter how many more times this forum is updated , the life is gone . What happened to this forum , it use to have great proactive members and now seems to have pushed them or deleted them all away . Splat had a great idea for online shows and Nothing ??? Looks like down hill from here -------------------------------------------------------
  6. Goodluck Pebble , There are some nice members in the Newcastle club . Wish you all the best , and remember to enjoy and have fun.
  7. Matt Welchman


    You wont get far by breading the birds
  8. No problems , I raised budgies under peachfaces when I was 12 years old .
  9. Welldone for sticking to your own vision for an aviary, It works nicely in your backyard.
  10. 4073 Views , Interesting . I should be on the payroll for this HOT topic !!
  11. Spray the aviary with coopex or AIL , a Residual spray and forget about trying to trap them .
  12. They breed at 6 months of age in the wild.
  13. If your birds dont have worms , then you dont need to treat for it.
  14. You would win the Clearwing class in NSW with that bird.
  15. I just dont think the birds should be disqualified, Just lost points for being down on colour like the other birds in the class. The problem will be that there will be birds somewhere in the middle where there is no class for them at any show.
  16. Yes your right the judges are always left hung out to dry. But in this case the judges have in my view given the NSW judges a slap in the face. I personally would like to see three varieties only , Blackeye, Greywing and Clearwing and than anything thay doesnt conform to the variety is then judged accordingly. Maybe for these varieties we need to allocate more points to Variety than to just the size of the bird. If something isnt changed we will end up with suffused yellow/whites and Dilutes only on the bench.
  17. Hi Matt, Let me preface my reply by saying that I was not at the Nationals in 2012 but have viewed the video posted on the ANBC site which shows the 2 birds that were disqualified. You are concerned that the judges know nothing about the breeding of the disqualified birds, but this is normal. How can a judge know the genotype of any bird he/she is presented with? They can only judge them as they see them and therefore judge on their phenotype. Referring to the Greywing standard it states that the body colour is "approaching full intensity". Neither of those 2 birds conform to that, with Bird H appearing to be grey shade of yellow. If you compare this to the winning birds the difference in body colour is markedly noticeable. The standard also requires a violet or grey cheek patch. Bird U has a very pale violet cheek patch and therefore does not conform with the greywing variety. Birds K and G in the same video show the shade and intensity required for the violet cheek patch in the blue series greywing. The standard further states that birds entered in the wrong class are to be DQ'd, not penalised. The judges called Bird H a Grey Yellow and refering to the standard for suffused yellow/white it appears to meet the criteria. The judge also referred to the Bird U as a dilute. Bird U doesn't appear to conform to the greywing standard but we have no dilute standard published as yet so it's sort of in a "no-mans-land" as of the standard @ 27May2012. Here's the video of the 2012 Nationals greywing class: [media=] [/media] I can understand your disappointment at your state's birds being DQ'd, especially given that their acceptance in their class may well have changed the overall competition winner, but as an outsider I feel the judges at the National got it right. I would be asking how this situation was allowed to occur at NSW state level and making sure it doesn't happen again. I feel the NSW selection panel, not the 2012 National judges, have erred in this case but to be fair the delineation between greywing/dilute/suffused/blackeye is open to interpretation and therefore always going to present a challenge. Hi Daryl,The Letters to the BSNSW will be already fresh off the printer by now. I couldnt make the Nationals either, I did watch it online though and I also looked at all the birds at our selection day. On the selection day we also had a display class of the suffused and I know my eyesight is okay , but some of these birds looked the same as the greywing class and visa versa. The problem is and the judge made comment about one of the birds being light in colour but was classed as a greywing . Now if you take bird U and breed it to a violet the body colour comes up in intensity and you have a greywing again. So where does this leave the breeder. I believe we have just witnessed exactly what lies ahead for all these varieties at the National level. Goodluck to all breeders of these Varieties. In 2 years we will be equal to the UK birds where you wont tell between the Greywing/dilute,suffused/blackeye
  18. Lets start by saying all the NSW judges must have to go back to Judging school. I am refering to the Greywing class . Why when we have our selection night where the birds are picked for the club team , we have judges pick them and check varieties. Then they go to the Interbranch selections where the national team is selected. Here there are more than 12 judges going over the birds, Maybe more. Then at the end they select which birds will be the best for the team. Let me remind you here that we have at least 6 National accredited judges. The NSW Team had 2 birds disqualified , A possible grey Yellow and a possible Dilute. How can a judge that Knows nothing about the breeding behind these birds make that call. these birds have been looked at by multiple judges before they are put in front of the national judges. The birds should not be disqualified unless that have a genuine reason , if the bird doesnt meet the standard and remember that every class has a full written standard then the bird should be penalised. I feel sorry for the breeders of these birds as they are now a bastardised variety , the markings are not dark enough for greywings and now not light enough to be dilutes . Birds will be taken to shows and be wrong classed one week and then win at another show the next. There is talk about having a bird accredited a variety but this is not going to work unless it is accepted in a national sense. The ANBC has really let itself down , and we are wondering why the hobby is shrinking. PS, Nice greywing/Dilutes in the blackeyed class and nice greywings in the clearwing class.
  19. If I was Admin, I would delete this topic . This Web site already has an overload of S**T on it , So why allow more to be added!! Matt
  20. The father wont be split cinnamon if none of the young cocks are cinnamon , only the Hens will be cinnamon. I believe the chick is a Hen and it is carrying cinnamon in the wing. The problem is that you are combining a Sexlinked (Cinnamon) Gene and the Recessive ( Greywing/Dilute) Gene together on the same bird , In show terms a complete waste of time as you end up with a bird that is being affected by both Genes in the wing so you end up with a washed out cinnamon colour. Matt
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