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  1. KAZ, would you be able to recommend a good mate (ie, which mutation) because we would love to try and have more of her type.
  2. Been away for awhile, but we stumbled across this beautiful girl, we called her Lulu and we are tickled pink at our yellow faced voilet.
  3. okay, Darla who is now Darrell. Thanks to the Budgerigar variety Bible and a chance meeting with an identical hen in a pet shop. It is officially a male. Well anyways I was chatting with the birds and I guess the brain fog lifted and I managed to pay attention to his eyes. He has a clear dark eye and one that has a ring around it. I am now guessing he is not a Danish Recessive pied but something else. I read the thing about the combination pieds and got confused, haha. We have him paired up with our australian yellow faced budgie hen. Those two are in seperable. my main question is, is he a dominant pied split recessive or is he something else. I posted the best picture I have of him. I will try to get better picture of the body.
  4. There is a dog across the street, that barks alot, because of distance it is a faint barking. The other day I was changing the seed and water in the cages. I heard a barking sound, I figured it was the dog again. I then noticed the sound was not coming from the usual direction of the dog, but from one of the cages. So I moved closer to the sound and realized it was our youngest Budgie doing the barking. Kind of curious to see what other sounds she will pick up to imitate. Yesterday our daughter started singing,well she tried. As soon as she started, she stopped and we heard her telling the budgies to stop throwing seeds at her. I snuck out and it was funny to watch. Everytime she started to sing, seeds would rain down on her, she stopped and they stopped.
  5. okay, a little update, sorry have been busy. apparently Ollie is split for Cinnamon as cinnamon has shown up on two of the chicks. They are obviously hens as Jessie is not a cinnamon. okay we are getting three blues, one cinnamon white,one cinnamon yellow. Two are TBD at a later date lol. Sounds like Ollie is hiding alot of hidden factors lol. I was figuring okay, we'll have seven greens half bright and half dark. Boy we are pleasantly suprised. For once though no Spangles . We'll put photos up very soon. Getting quite crowded in the box lol. I am nursing several bitten fingers from the hen. I had to retrieve Ollie from a bookcase as he got out of the box. I forgot to look to see if both were in the box. That's about all for now.
  6. we got them both from a pet shop. We got Pepe first, then we had to wait for a hen. We got Nibbler from a store other than pepe. They aren't really tame as in trained.
  7. Here are five out of seven hatched with one recently hatched. Both parents are sharing in the feeding of the chicks. I have noticed everytime one is hatching, the male is in the box for a bit of time. We have checked the box everytime that occurs and find a newly hatched chick.
  8. Thanks Dave, for the information. The hen is Hedwig found in another thread. She has been indentified as a recessive pied. Kramer is a normal violet from what we know so far. They did throw a normal violet among the three chicks they have. It is the youngest one in the pics, hence why I call it mini Kramer at the moment. The middle chick is the only one out of the three that has that spot. We first thought something was wrong with it lol.
  9. After just putting in fresh seed, the two pictured above took turns kicking out all the seed and then promptly laid down in it. The second time they have done this, mind you :thumbs_up:
  10. The next set of three amigos(for the time being) are doing very well. I have to either bribe or negotiate with the hen so I can inspect the chicks. With Hedwig I just tapped on the box and she shot out the front,not this hen. I have been bitten quite a few times and screeched at. It seems like our current arrangment is that I can just look at them while she stands guard outside the hole peeping in. I moved one to make sure it was not dead, she stormed back in and bit my finger,rofl :rip: . Or now she has gotten slicker, when she comes out to stretch and do other things, Ollie will be in the box. Oh the fun of checking the nesting box every day.
  11. YIKES, we have had three eggs hatch in less than 24 hours. They are all doing fine. Ollie will go inside the box and help Jessie. Sometimes he goes in and she comes out for a break. He is a dutiful father. Four eggs have yet to hatch and I have a feeling there will be another before the night is out.
  12. I was walking by the cage earlier and I noticed Kramer and the youngest one sitting next to each other. Kramer is a single factor violet and the baby looks even more violet then Kramer. Could the youngest chick be a double factor violet given the mother has violet in her as well. I went back with a camera and Kramer took off to another part of the cage lol.
  13. Anything we added to the nesting box the hen would toss. But after she laid the eggs she gladly accepted millet and seed. And after the chicks got bigger, they ate the seed and millet.
  14. Was playing around with the youngest and it climbed up to my shoulder.
  15. That certainly explains his behaviour. Thanks GB . We got him from a pet shop on Saturday. I was looking at his bars on the head, and we were like he can't be very old. We have had pieds before but never a dominant one.
  16. not sure if this is any better lol
  17. The bars on his head almost reach his cere area. He has been laying down in the cage alot. I remember reading on here, on another post that young budgies will do that alot. He is active off and on. I think he is sick of solitary confinement, lol.
  18. Either way it's a keeper. I already said, I am calling the thing Newman when it grows up. Female name, hmmm still working on that. The wife just calls the bird baby. hmmmm female names, Endora comes to mind, rofl.
  19. The wife said it is alot paler around the nostrils. All I know is it sure bites like a hen,lol. It bites my hand,my shirt, I took my glasses off to get a better look and it was trying to bite the side piece of it. The other two rarely bite at all,lol. We were pleasantly surprised to have a Kramer throwback lol. We have nicknamed it mini Kramer.
  20. lol,I had my hand in the cage trying to get him used to it. Well needless to say, he had ulterior motives to getting used to it. He jumped on my hand, then promptly ran up the arm and squeezed out of the cage before I could react. He circled the quarantine area a few times until I managed to catch him on a bookshelf,lol.
  21. The one on the right looks just like one of our chicks that are about ready to leave the nest for good. It looks like either sky blue or cobalt Spangle. The one on the left is a pied. I leave whether dominate or recessive to the experts, lol
  22. Here is two shots of the violet one. sorry but due to low budget digital camera and a chick determined not to pose, the first one is not so good and the second one is so so.
  23. Here they are the three amigo's in all their glory, I think they are holding a secret conclave,lol. The one that is a throwback to Kramer bites all the time,lol. We're hoping it's a hen. It's the one on the Far right.
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