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  1. Hi Chookbreeder, No plans to ever judge again I think I've done my share about 35 years i think. I have a few in the team, but really I'm rebuilding my stud ready for retirement in 2 years. Also renovating bird room and buying all new cages, lots of fun. I managed to buy a few og Ians and also Bruces birds that are producing some really nice chicks so I hope thats the foundation. Cheers Clearwing
  2. Hi Renee, Victoria has its Young Bird Shield this Sunday, from which a National team will be selected. If you are not aware how it works,here goes. Each Victorian club[ about 18 clubs] selects its best three birds of each variety, these are taken to Melbourne this Sunday where they are judged. Each class is judged and clubs receive points for birds rated in the top 30 places, then following the judging a team of judges goes arround all classes and selects the Victorian state team. Its always interesting to see if they choose the birds judged 1,2 & 3 in their class or if the judge missed a bird and it makes the Vic team after coming say 11th in its class. There is always much debate afterwards. Anyway good luck with your selection. Cheers Clearwing
  3. Glad to hear your opinions guys, I tend to agree we have gone too far with feather. But only we breeders can change that, whilst we allow our state and national bodies to continue down this path, with reguard to the ideal standard and not take into consideration things like variety, colour and deportment, we will be stuck trying to produce this bird. the current winning exhibition bird is not a swift flying parrot as the name Budgerigar implies but is a domesticated hybrid version. You choose, I can only say this is my 50th breeding season and I miss seeing lovely variety birds flying in outside flights, but I'm also very competetive and I want to have a good show team. I know many many breeders who have bred that outstanding bird only to have it die when they put it in the flights.
  4. It is obvious to me the exhibition bird in Australia is rapidly changing to a dramatic extent. The better show birds exhibit amazing directional feather both on top of their heads and in front of their eyes. here are a few of my thoughts. 1. These birds do not cope in an avairy, they cannot see well enough because of the feather in front of their eyes. 2. These birds hate any form of drought. What we would call good ventilation, air passing through the avairy, they hate. 3. They require much more supplimentary feeding, to feed the feather. 4. Breeders around the world are now housing these birds in stock cages, not avairies. As we all try to be competetive on the show bench, we are all trying to produce this "modern" faced budgie, I believe we might all have to reconsider how we care for them. Personallly I'm about to renovate my bird room. It will be fully insulated walls and ceiling, only one small 3.5m X 1.5m avairy and a range of holding cages. My better birds will go from holding cage to breeding cage, then back to holding cage. Just my thoughts but maybe food for thought for some of you. Cheers Clearwing
  5. No problem mixing the sexes if there are no nest boxes. Good luck Clearwing
  6. clearwing


    Hi Rachel, welcome, I hope you get years of enjoyment from breeding and caring for your birds Cheers Clearwing
  7. Well done GB, I like the shoulders and the feather hanging off the dom pied, looks like some real potential. Cheers Clearwing
  8. Very nice Troy, you obviously have some good stock cheers Clearwing
  9. Hi Kaz, I agree with Nuddly, he is a greywing, my suggestion would be use him to the best dark green or cobalt you can find to breed split greywings with stronger body colour. As for the judges I feel sorry for them they have no knowledge of how a bird was bred and must make a decision on visual inspection only. I can tell you after judging for 35 years I have little patience for those breeders who deliberately set out to trick the judge by showing birds such as cinnamon clearwings or spangle blackeyes. Just a personal gripe, anyway nice greywings keep up the good work.
  10. Sorry to hear your news Hannah.
  11. Neville is right it is an opaline pied, from the first picture it may also be yellow faced. As to dominant or rec. pied its hard to tell from these shots as it maturers it will develope a white ring arround its eye if it is dominant pied. Hope that helps Cheers Clearwing
  12. You can check the Budgerigar Coucil of Victoria web site for upcoming Auctions. I can tell you I have enjoyed and bought quality birds at the Melton auction, not cheep mind you, but good birds. I think as Victoria has such a great record at the national show, we get a lot of bidders from interstate. I personally prefer to visit breeders and buy birds that way, but it seems auctions are the flavour of the month. Whether they are good for the hobby or not, I guess that's another thread. Cheers Clearwing
  13. Hi Taboo, given the temperatures you're talking about and if the birds are in breeding condition, it may be a very good time to breed. The thing is the breeding season must be determined by the birds and varies in different climates. I suggest you contact your nearest club and ask some of the local members. Or, put some down as a learning experience. Cheers Clearwing
  14. Very Nice Dave, I have also just got a new car [Friday] its a Toyota Aurion Sportivo ZR6 I'm very happt. Good luck with yours.
  15. Another quick update, I managed to brake the bond of pair one by seperating them for ten days, the cock was placed in a cage alone, where he couldn't see any other birds. Today I introduced him to another hen, they mated immediately. Now I know April is not a good time to be pairing birds, but, this is my best stock cock bird, he is in condition as is the hen, and they are one of my preferred matings so I'm going for it while the birds are willing. Cheers Clearwing
  16. Its not laying eggs that hurts the hen its feeding chicks. If she has only fed one round and still looks fit let her go another round. Goodluck Clearwing
  17. They look to be good purchases, well done and good luck Clearwing
  18. The question is which chicks are dying, the older chicks or the new born. When I have large clutches of fertile eggs, I like to foster out the older chicks to other pairs, which stops new borns being squashed by older siblings. If older chicks are dying in nests I would treat all pairs with psitavet. On average I would only lose about one chick out of 20 that hatch. Good luck Clearwing
  19. Results have been mixed, but overall I'm pleased. Box 1. 3 chicks hatched, being raaised by feeders. Second clutch laid and eggs transferred so that this important pair can rest for breeding in spring. Box2. 4 chicks hatched, being raised by feeders. Cock now has fertile eggs to both hens. Box3. five year old cock did't fill an egg. Box 4. 3chicks being raised by hen. Cock now with second hen. Box5. 3chicks being raised by hen, cock has 5 fertile eggs with next hen. Box6. 3 chicks being raised by feeders, cock now with another hen. Five of my best six cocks have done well and have 16 chicks between them, these numbers are abit below average for me, but its not easy when you only mate up a few pair because your options for shifting eggs and chicks are limited. Having said that I'm pleased as all these chicks are from top pairs, so I'm waiting to see how they develope. Cheers Clearwing
  20. Thats definately different would love tosee breeding results from this bird, you may have something new.
  21. GB, I understand what your saying, but my understanding is there are only three officially recognized greens ie. Light green, dark green and olive. cheers Clearwing
  22. There is a post on here about Toxic plants for budgies, one thing it mentions is apple seed, leaves and bark, so I'd definately reduce the fruit. cheers Clearwing
  23. Don't get confused by the use of the name violet green in reality people use this term to describe a dark green that genetically carries a violet factor. Hope that helps Clearwing
  24. okay Hannah, you need to be very careful with fruit and vegies and grass. Budgies only need a very small amount. I suggest you keep it down to a slice of carrot or a small piece of silver beet or spinich 2 or 3 times a week. You could also try A teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in 500 ml of water, its an old fashioned remedy for up set tummies for both humans and budgies. Best of Luck Clearwing
  25. Megan you should get a mixture of blue and grey chicks with perhaps a small white patch on the back of their heads. If you breed with these chicks you may reproduce dad as they carry his genetic make-up. We call them split for Rec. Pied. Cheers Clearwing
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